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Author: Jerry Stone

I am the editor-in-chief of poptopnews.com with over 20 years of reporting experience. I have had a long interest in biology and human history, and Pop Top News is my small endeavor to report on studies that I find interesting. 1954 Quiet Valley Lane, Van Nuys CA 91405 818-904-7708 jerry@poptopnews.com

What Did Roman Gladiators Eat?

It was not an easy life for Roman gladiators who were condemned to fight. But what did they live off? A study from the University of Vienna has looked into this and found that fighters would drink a drink containing plant ashes, similar to what Pliny the Elder (a famous Roman author) had described. In […]

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How Did Vikings Look Up To Their Gods?

A study from the University of Uppsala is asking an interesting question: what did the ancient Vikings actually think of their gods? Did they look to them for moral guidance, and ask them to correct injustice? For a long time, it has generally been accepted that religions will believe in one omnipotent god that will […]

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How Does Counting On Fingers Help Children?

It is an innate behavior of children that they will use their hands to count and work out sums, and parents tend to encourage this behavior. It is only later in life that they are told not to rely on their fingers so much. But how would children’s learning be different if they did not […]

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Bacteria Is Helpful Late In Pregnancy, Study Finds

A study from Bar-Ilan University, led by Omry Koren and Yoram LouzonĀ and published in Cell Reports, has discovered that bacteria that make up our microbiome are able to perceive pregnancy and understand the need to move on and help the baby break down sugar in breast milk. Previous research had found that microbiome was responsible […]

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Fake Smiles May Do More Harm Than Good

Smiling has always been considered to be extremely important, as it eases the mood and acts as a social cue. But according to a recent study, this may only be if the smile is genuine. If a smile is fake, it may actually be doing more harm than good, and can have negative implications for […]

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How Do We React To Certain Metaphors?

A new study published in Brain Research has attempted to gain a deeper understanding of metaphors: could they improve mood? Can they play a role in health aging? What about using metaphors to learn abstract concepts? The leader of the study, Vicky Lai, a professor at the University of Arizona, analyzed how and when various […]

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Study Examines Relationship Between Weights And Muscle

Many people have reported anecdotally that if they go to the gym over a long period of time, they gradually feel themselves getting stronger, but their muscles do not necessarily increase in size at the same time. According to a new study by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, there is a reason for that, and it […]

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Stress Among Teachers Is Worse Than We Thought

A study published in the British Journal of Educational Studies has raised the issue of the quality of life that teachers experience. In the study, 1200 teachers were interviewed, and of those just over half reported that they wanted to leave the profession after 10 years. The main reasons given for this were the high […]

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Were The Neanderthals Cannibals?

In a recent study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, researchers have taken a look into the lifestyles and habits of neanderthals, and come to some interesting conclusions. The study was conducted by French researchers Alban Fefleur and Emmanuel Desclaux, who studied the remains of neanderthals found in a small cave in southern France. […]

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Study Asks: What Athletes Will Suffer The Most In The 2020 Olympics?

Global warming is now resulting in higher and higher temperatures in our cities. And this does not just affect the physically weak: even the strongest among us, professional athletes, are affected by rising temperatures. Now, a new study published in Temperature by Taylor & Francis, is making predictions on what athletes will get the most […]

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Researchers Say Facial Expression Is Not The Only Cue To Read Emotion

Is facial expression the only cue we take in when reading the state of a human being? According to a study by the University of Berkeley in California, it isn’t. When it comes to reading emotions, it turns out there are many other factors, including visual context, background and action. The findings will appear later […]

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Are We More Violent Because Of Climate Change?

The effects and consequences of climate change are widely known. However, there may be lesser effects that are not widely considered. For example, could it be that climate change could also be making us more violent? That’s the question posed by Craig Anderson at Iowa State University, who conducted a study that says that extreme […]

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