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Author: Antonio Elezra

I have been living in the US for 12 years and graduated from Penn State University 3 years ago. I currently write for Pop Top News on a part-time basis. 3421 Kyle Street, SANDY LAKE PA 16145 308-425-2291 antonio@poptopnews.com

Studies Show That The Fashion Industry Has A Huge Impact On The Environment – But There Is Still Hope

Nowadays the fashion industry is booming, and more and more people seem to be trying harder to keep up with the latest fashion and continue to buy the latest clothes. But that comes at a cost: new research shows that the fashion industry is, astonishingly, the second most polluting global industry on the planet. According […]

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Science Answers: What Is Pansexuality?

First off, what is pansexuality? It is a concept that goes back as far as the time of Freud, and there have been a number of studies on it. It may be loosely defined as someone who is sexually attracted to a person regardless of the sex of that person, as defined by sociologist Emily […]

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Nightmares May Be Beneficial, New Research Suggests

For decades people have been worrying about whether nightmares affect the quality of sleep that we get. For most people, though, we can be fairly sure that all dreams – even nightmares – are beneficial to the restorative function that has sleep. When we sleep, we pass through several stages: light sleep, deep sleep and […]

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Science Asks: How Long Should We Wait Before Asking For A Favor To Be Returned?

A new investigation by the University of Pennsylvania has found that when it comes to favors, it is best to ask for them back as soon as possible, assuming we are not doing the favor as a purely selfless act. The study authors conducted a detailed experiment with many participants from a public hospital (all […]

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Study Finds Dog Owners Live Longer

Dogs have always been considered to be a man’s best friend – but can they help you to live longer as well? A study conducted in Sweden may have the answer. Based on national registries of more than 3.4 million people between 40 and 80, they found that dog owners have a significantly lower risk […]

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When the holidays come around, we may start surfing the internet and looking into different things that might make us happy, including impulse items. Suppose you are looking at a potential vacation destination and your booking website indicates that only 1 room is left for your planned date. You go ahead and make the booking […]

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Memories With Smell May Be More Powerful Than Memories With Sight

What activates memory better, sight or smell? Recently, 2 separate studies have been done to identify how effective both visual memory and smell are. In the first study, researchers showed a group of people images of over 2,500 objects for more than 5 hours. Afterward, they were shown the images again, along with similar images, […]

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What Happens When We’re Rejected? Science Has The Answer

There are many times when we may feel legitimate mental pain: a divorce, a conviction, rejection and more. But it’s not just extremely life-changing events that can bring us down. In the modern world, even off-the-cuff comments on social media or encountering one rude person in your day can have a negative effect on your […]

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How Much You Earn May Be Written In Your DNA, Study Says

What do the richest people in the world have in common? A study from the University of Edinburgh has come to an interesting conclusion: these people may share the same genes of wealth. A team led by David Hill looked into the UK Biobank database, which contains over 500,000 genetic profiles of people living in […]

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