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Author: Antonio Elezra

I have been living in the US for 12 years and graduated from Penn State University 3 years ago. I currently write for Pop Top News on a part-time basis. 3421 Kyle Street, SANDY LAKE PA 16145 308-425-2291 antonio@poptopnews.com

What Happens When We’re Rejected? Science Has The Answer

There are many times when we may feel legitimate mental pain: a divorce, a conviction, rejection and more. But it’s not just extremely life-changing events that can bring us down. In the modern world, even off-the-cuff comments on social media or encountering one rude person in your day can have a negative effect on your […]

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How Much You Earn May Be Written In Your DNA, Study Says

What do the richest people in the world have in common? A study from the University of Edinburgh has come to an interesting conclusion: these people may share the same genes of wealth. A team led by David Hill looked into the UK Biobank database, which contains over 500,000 genetic profiles of people living in […]

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