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Author: Karen Owens

I'm a stay at home mom who writes for Pop Top News as a freelance writer. I thoroughly enjoy reading scientific research and reporting on it, so I am very happy to be here and contributing. I especially have an interest in archaeology. 1093 Central Avenue, Union City NJ 07087 201-348-8647 karen@poptopnews.com

Do Dogs Experience Stress The Same As Humans?

Led by Ann-Sofie Sundman, a team of scientists from Link√∂ping University has analyzed the different lifestyles of dogs and the people that they live with. The study was published in Scientific Reports and came about from the idea that if coexistence between humans tends to cause stress, perhaps coexistence between humans and dogs can also […]

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People Tend To Keep Dating The Same Type Of Person, Study Says

Do you find that you tend to always be attracted to the same people? If so, this study will be of interest to you. New research by social psychologists at the University of Toronto, published in PNAS, shows that people tend to seek the same romantic partners over and over again. “It’s common that when […]

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Study Reports On How The Thermostat In Your Office May Influence Productivity

A new study by the USC has come to an interesting conclusion: for women, the colder the temperature, the less productive women tend to be. The study found that women performed better doing mathematics or verbal tasks than men only when the temperature was higher, and the higher the temperature was, the better women did. […]

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