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Author: Steve Green

Hi everyone I am Steve, I am a writer for Pop Top News covering studies on human history. Please reach out to me if you have any comments on articles I write here (email is best). 502 Lynn Street, Cambridge MA 02138 617-234-9351 steve@poptopnews.com

Women Are Currently Considered As Competent As Men – If Not More

A lot of research has been done on women’s rights over the past 70 years. Most recently, a new study published in American Psychologist has done some detailed work in this area, and their conclusion is as follows: women are currently considered just as competent as men, if not more. “Challenging the traditional claims that […]

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Ultra-Strict Discipline May Hurt A Child’s Brain

We’ve known for some time that extremely strict discipline is bad for children: the more severe the discipline at home is, the more likely that the children themselves will turn into bad parents with antisocial and aggressive behavior. Now, a new study conducted by the University of Montreal has provided another reason why too much […]

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Down Syndrome Could Be Treated In Pregnancy

A group of researchers at the University of Rutgers New Brunswick have used stem cells that can become other cells in the brain to develop 2 experimental models: one of them a live 3D model of the brain, and one a mouse brain model with human cells implanted. Their goal is to investigate early brain […]

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Researchers Ask: Are Prisons The Best Way To Stop Violent Criminals?

A study conducted by the sociologist David Harding from the University of California at Berkeley has concluded that locking up criminals who committed assaults, robberies and similar crimes does little to prevent them for committing these crimes again once they get out of prison. The whole findings were published in the Nature Human Behavior publication, […]

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Research Shows Children Punish Bad Behaviour From A Young Age

By the time a child is just 3 years old, he or she can already distinguish between good and evil and right and wrong. But that’s not all: children at that age are also able to punish bad behavior and encourage good behavior, even if they may suffer for it. That is the conclusion of […]

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