Authorities Report 3 Deaths In Highway Shootings In Southeast Texas Involving Members Of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

In shootings along Interstate 45 in two counties in Southeast Texas on Friday, three persons were murdered and one other was injured, according to investigators. The shootings are thought to have involved outlaw motorcycle gangs.

North of Houston, in the counties of Montgomery and Walker, these instances happened.

According to a Facebook post from Huntsville police, Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, and Huntsville Police all responded to a complaint of gunfire at the 114 mile marker of northbound I-45 at 12:18 p.m. local time.

Emergency medical services were called after three individuals were discovered to have gunshot wounds, and they “began life saving efforts,” according to the police. Ages 43 and 69 of the men were identified as the deceased at the site. According to the post, a 61-year-old guy who was hurt was sent to Hermann Hospital in Houston.

The event and a gunshot that happened in “Montgomery County are related,” according to Huntsville police. “The three victims were male, all riding motorcycles, and wearing clothing and insignia that indicated they were part of an outlaw motorcycle gang,” they added.

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According to Huntsville police, they are collaborating on their investigation with Texas Rangers.

Earlier in the day, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office reported that it had attended a shooting incident near I-45.

The sheriff’s office reported that a 32-year-old male was shot Friday morning about 11 a.m. along I-45 in Spring. He was then taken to a nearby hospital, where he eventually passed away from his injuries.

According to the agency, “the people involved are all thought to be connected to illegal motorcycle gangs.”

According to Steven Squier, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County sheriff, another guy may have been shot in that area and sustained non-life-threatening wounds.

“We’re also aware that there is another incident in Walker County involving fatalities and a critically injured individual that may possibly be related,” Squier added. He stated that an inquiry was being conducted.

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