Becoming Elizabeth Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2: Will It Won’t Premiere Until 2023? This article examines the possibility of a second season of the original series Becoming Elizabeth on Starz as well as the show’s status as either being renewed or canceled. What did the first season even cover? The new historical drama that Starz has added to their network (and app) takes place during the politically volatile time period following the death of King Henry VIII of England.

Alicia Von Rittberg, who played Emma in Fury, takes on the role of the young woman who grew up to be Queen Elizabeth I in the television series. Romola Garai, who plays the title role of Princess Mary in the series, is the work of playwright Anya Reiss. When we first meet Elizabeth, she is a young orphan who, on her journey to claim the throne, develops an unhealthy fascination with political intrigue.

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Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Plot/Story

In contrast to earlier Elizabeth I documentaries, which have focused on her tenure as queen, Becoming Elizabeth focuses on her childhood and the events that shaped her into the woman she would become. Starz has released the official synopsis:

Being Elizabeth tells the interesting narrative of the early life of England’s most famous monarch. ” Young Elizabeth Tudor was an orphaned adolescent when she became engaged in the political and sexual intrigues of England’s court long before she rose to the throne. As a result of King Henry VIII’s death, a perilous rush for power begins.

There’s an ongoing power struggle between the great families of England and Europe, and his offspring find themselves as pawns in this game.

It is as though the men in her life are trying to assert their authority over her, and Elizabeth is fighting back. Scheming, betrayal, and illicit connections threaten to bring her down as she seeks the crown in an age in which every member of the court is subject to the wheel of fortune, which can either propel them to great power or deliver them to the executioner’s block.”

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Cast

What role will Alicia von Rittberg’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth’s ascent to the power play in her career? As a supporting actress, the German actress has appeared in a number of high-profile films, including Brad Pitt’s World War II action blockbuster Fury and National Geographic’s Genius: Einstein. Von Rittberg’s largest part to date is in Becoming Elizabeth.

On the other side of von Rittberg are Tom Cullen (Invasion, Downton Abbey), Oliver Zetterstrm (War of the Worlds), and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) as Thomas Seymour and Edward VI respectively.

Becoming Elizabeth’s cast includes the following members:

  • Alicia von Rittberg as Elizabeth I
  • Romola Garai as Mary Tudor
  • Jessica Raine as Catherine Parr
  • Tom Cullen as Thomas Seymour
  • John Heffernan as Duke of Somerset
  • Jamie Blackley as Robert Dudley
  • Alexandra Gilbreath as Kat Ashley
  • Jamie Parker as John Dudley
  • Leo Bill as Henry Grey
  • Oliver Zetterstrӧm as Edward
  • Bella Ramsey as Lady Jane Grey
  • Ekow Quartey as Pedro
  • Alex Macqueen as Stephen Gardiner
  • Olivier Huband as Ambassador Guzman
Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Cast
Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Cast

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Release Date

There has been no announcement made regarding the release date of the second season of Becoming Elizabeth. It would appear that a statement will be made in the very near future. It’s possible that the second season of Becoming Elizabeth won’t premiere until 2023.

Becoming Elizabeth Season 2 Trailer

With the official trailer for Becoming Elizabeth, you can get a taste of the sex and violence that will be featured in the new show.

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