Belle Collective Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Belle Collective Season 2: Is It Released? Online reports that Oprah Winfrey told her “Oprah Winfrey Show” staff in 2010 that “My aim for OWN is to establish a network that inspires our viewers and makes them want to be who they are on their best day.” 11 years later, it’s safe to say the idea has come to fruition. Since its launch in 2012, the OWN network has produced a slew of popular programming, including “Iyanla; Fix My Life” and “Super Soul Sunday.” The question is whether “Belle Collective,” its new rival, can compete.

OWN’s “Belle Collective,” a docuseries on the career and personal lives of five powerful Black women in Jackson, Mississippi, premiered in January 2021 and is currently airing. Entrepreneurs working together to revitalise a once vibrant, but now defunct, hub for black-owned businesses are motivated to break boundaries and southern stereotypes.

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Marie Hamilton-Abston, who was featured in the documentary “Belle Collective,” said it was a “humbling, thrilling experience” to be able to show the world what Jackson, Mississippi, has to offer (via OWN Youtube). What if more “Belle Collective” is desired by the public?

Belle Collective Season 2 Plot/Story

In the event that “Belle Collective” returns for a second season, viewers can expect to witness more of Jackson, Mississippi’s historic Farish Street being rebuilt and the women’s entrepreneurial endeavours flourishing.
Some of the women have previously spoken about their own personal struggles with mental and physical health, so these themes are expected to be discussed on the show. It is probable that the fab five belles will become even closer if the upcoming season continues to follow the format of season 1. Although there may be some romance and relationship turbulence, we’re most excited to see these women grow and mature.

According to Oprah’s Daily Opinion, “Belle Collective” will have you hooked “immediately” and you’ll be begging for season 2 and beyond after binge-watching season 1 on OWN TV (or the OWN app).

Belle Collective Season 2 Cast

When it comes to season 2, we can only surmise that the five women from season 1 of “Belle Collective” will return. Dr. Antoinette Liles, one of the state’s few black female dentists, joins the ensemble of role models, despite her own personal struggles and the limitations of running her own dental business (via The Futon Critic). There should also be a return for Goddess Lengths CEO Latrice Rogers, along with self-made millionaire Marie Hamilton-Abston. Hamilton Davis Mental Health CEO Marie Davis is also a mother to her son Kari (via Meaww).

On Jackson’s hip-hop and R&B station, we’re hoping to hear from Tambra Cherie, host of the city’s most divisive radio show, “The Relationship Hour.”

Since its inception in 2011, The National Women’s Brunch Organization has been bringing powerful women together through its non-profit organisation to help revitalise Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi.

Belle Collective Season 2 Cast

Belle Collective Season 2 Release Date

It has yet to be announced, and the network has not confirmed its termination (via Next Season TV). According to Show Buzz Daily’s ranking of the top 150 original cable telecasts, OWN’s “Belle Collective” ranked 109th out of 150. IMDb users gave the show an average rating of five out of ten, which isn’t what you’d expect from a brand new show.

“While “Reesha on the Radio” of 107.3 KISS FM may have labelled the show “hot mess,” the end of her spiel was “Move over, Bravo TV!” The ‘Real Housewives’ franchises WISH they had these Belle Collective women’s sass and spice.” Even though this is a complement and a success for the “Belle Collective” girls, will we get a season 2?

Belle Collective Season 2 Trailer

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