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Bianca Butti And Amber Heard: Are They Split or Still Together?

Bianca Butti And Amber Heard

Bianca Butti And Amber Heard

Bianca Butti And Amber Heard: Are They Split or Still Together? It is common knowledge at this point that the Aquaman actress Amber Heard is now engaged in a legal dispute with her former husband, Johnny Depp, which is being heard in a high court in London. Heard has been romantically linked to a number of men in the past, including Vito Schnabel, Elon Musk, and Argentine director Andy Muschietti. She started dating Bianca Butti not long after that.

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Everything You Need To Know About Bianca Butti

For those of you who are curious, Bianca Butti works as an actress in the entertainment industry. In addition to it, she works as a cinematographer professionally. When she established a relationship with Amber Heard, it brought her to the attention of the audience.

Aside from that, the 41-year-old has also worked in the world of name and celebrity as a writer, set decorator, producer, and director. All of these jobs are related to the entertainment industry. 1981 was the year she entered the world in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California.

Butti attended San Francisco State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film. She has been employed in the entertainment sector in Los Angeles for a significant amount of time throughout the past few decades. She worked as a cinematographer on a number of episodes of the Love & Hip-Hop television series, which airs on VH1, as well as on a number of feature films.

In addition to giving acting a shot, Bianca penned the script for and directed a short film titled “The Proprietor,” which she also starred in. In the movie Hank and Asha, she played the part of Anna. Asha was played by Hank.

When Did Amber Begin Dating Butti?

The beginning of the year 2020 marked the beginning of the couple’s romantic relationship. In January, it was speculated that the two of them were dating. In the same year, in February of that same year, a source told Us Weekly that “Amber is fine and happy than she has ever been.”

The trusted sources went on to say, “Bianca has been very supportive of her, and Amber feels that she can trust her and be comfortable with her, especially considering the fact that they were friends initially.”

When Did Amber Begin Dating Butti?

Do The Two Of Them Have Any Children Together?

Oonagh Paige Heard is Amber’s new little girl, and she was born earlier this year. Through the help of a surrogate, she brought her daughter into the world. On the social networking platform Instagram, she posted a confirmation of the news.

“I’ve been waiting patiently to tell you this exciting news. I made the decision that I wanted to start a family about four years ago. I desired to complete the task according to my own standards. I didn’t realize how radical it was for women to think about one of the most fundamental aspects of their destinies in such a way until recently, but I do now. She posted the photo on Instagram with the following: “I hope we reach a stage in which it’s natural to not want a ring in order to have a crib.”

The actor from The Rum Diary continued by saying, “A part of me wants to maintain that my private life is none of anyone’s business. ” I am also aware that the requirements of my employment need that I take charge of the situation. The 8th of April 2021 saw the arrival of my daughter. Oonagh Paige Heard is the name that she goes by. She is the starting point for the remainder of my life.

Both Amber and Bianca do not bring any of their own children into the world. Even before she started dating Butti, Amber expressed interest in starting a family, and she is now the mother of a little girl. Don’t forget to keep checking back with us for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.

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