Bijou Phillips Net Worth: How Did She Bulid Her Fortune?

An American actress, model, and singer by the name of Bijou Phillips. In order to get out of boarding school, Bijou started her modeling career when she was 13 years old. She quickly rose to become one of the newest models to appear on the covers of Italian Vogue and Interview Magazine. She has appears in a number of Calvin Klein commercials. Magazine covers featuring Phillips have been seen on Playboy, Missbehave, Stuff, and Nylon.

She debuted in a movie in 1999 playing Charlie in “Black and White.” Film critics loved her performance, and her popularity led to a number of further opportunities, including a part opposite Kate Hudson in “Almost Famous,” as well as parts in movies including “Tart,” “Bully,” “The Door in the Floor,” “Havoc,” “Choke,” “Hotel Chelsea,” and “Dark Secrets.” In the late 1990s, Bijou also issued a few music singles.

Bijou Phillips Net Worth

Bijou Phillips Net Worth is $8 Million currently. Together, she and actor Danny Masterson, her husband since 2011, have a net worth of that amount. In Greenwich, Connecticut, on April 1, 1980, Phillips was born. The Mamas and the Papas’ founding member and main songwriter was her father, John Phillips.

Geneviève Wate, a model, artist, and actor from South Africa, was her mother. She has three half-siblings in addition to her brother Tamerlane.

Bijou Phillips Net Worth

Billy Baldwin is married to Chynna Phillips, Bijou’s half-sister. Mackenzie Phillips, her other half-sister, later claimed that she began using drugs with her father when she was 11 years old and that they had a long-term sexual connection that began the night before her first marriage and eventually resulted in an abortion.

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Personal Life Of Bijou Philips

Sean Lennon and Phillips dated in the middle of the 2000s. She served as his inspiration and the focus of his 2006 album “Friendly Fire.”

Actor Danny Masterson from That ’70s Show and Phillips started dating in 2004. At a poker game in Las Vegas, the pair got acquainted. Masterson and Phillips are both Scientologists. In March 2009, they made their engagement public. On October 18, 2011, they were wed in an exclusive castle in Ireland.

Phillips gave birth to their daughter in 2014.

Phillips announced in 2017 that she had had kidney problems for five years. After contracting a blood infection that year, she underwent a kidney transplant.

Additionally, Phillips has taken part in a number of conflicts. Actors have accused Phillips of hitting them on the sets of movies and television shows. Phillips has expressed regret for some of her actions. In addition, sexual assault and harassment allegations have been made against Phillips’ father and husband.

Both have been defended by Phillips. Mackenzie Phillips, Phillips’ half-sister, accused her father of rape and incest; however, Phillips has said that she does not believe her sister.

Between 2017 and 2020, Danny Masterson was charged with rape, harassment, and stalking of multiple different women. Although Phillips hasn’t publicly addressed the accusations, she has posted a couple times on social media that she supports her husband.

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