Black Summer Season 3: Is The Series Coming?

Fans of the post-apocalyptic thriller, which stars Jaime King as Rose, have been waiting for news about it since June 2021. Season 3 of Netflix’s Black Summer has yet to be renewed or canceled as of March 2022, leaving some fans fearful that the show has been canceled. Deadline reported on March 7 that Jaime King had been cast in the upcoming film Man’s Son. Frank Grillo will be her co-star. Since the show’s star is being cast in other projects, many are speculating if this means Netflix has discreetly canceled Black Summer.

However, Man’s Son is a movie, so it’s not too concerning. Many actors will do film projects between filming seasons of their television shows. If King was cast as the lead in a new series, that would be a little more alarming.

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Black Summer Season 2 Ending Explained

Rose and Anna arrive at the airfield. They meet Boone, who is now a zombie, and he fights them. The rest of the people from the other group, including Mance, arrive. It starts with Nazeri (Nazir), Sophie, and Sun. They try to bargain with them. Then the zombies attack them and chase them into a hangar. Group: The group that came across Nazeri’s in the mountains had two former members of Nazeri’s group with them. They captured Boone and killed him when they had no more use for him. In the hangar, Rose and Nazeri’s groups are taken by other people, who say they’ll take two of them on the plane.

Because Nazeri fights back, one of the people they beat up gets hurt. The leader tells Anna to get a first aid kit. When she comes back, she has a flare gun that she gives to Rose. Women and Nazeri get out and lock their attackers inside. He holds the others at gunpoint and tells them not to work together, but as he is about to kill them, they see a plane land. Nazeri, who is closest to the explosion, is unable to move. Rose hurts her leg when she shoots with the flare gun. Rose sends the other people to the plane, intending to shoot herself, but she can’t. In the hangar, zombies start to chase the group.

Sophie is killed by one of them. Anna doesn’t want to go on the plane, so she runs away. the Sun boards and then leaves. As soon as Anna is safe, Mance takes a gun and kills the zombified Boone with it. Rose and Nazeri get into a fight, but Anna comes and saves them. Her friend gets in a car and drives it to the other people. Rose doesn’t get in. Flight: The pilot is shown to speak Korean, and he talks to Sun about how far they are going and how important it is to be here now.

Is Black Summer Season 3 Happening?

We can’t deny that over six months of silence from Netflix is a bad sign for any show’s future. Black Summer has never really become a breakout hit like other zombie shows, such as The Walking Dead or even the recent All of Us Are Dead. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to believe in the show’s future at the streaming service. But there was also a very long (two year) delay between Black Summer seasons 1 and 2, mostly due to the pandemic. Could that happen again? Will Netflix just delay the show for a while before bringing it back? Right now we have any information about the renewal status of the show. But we will update it soon as we get the information about it’s renewal status.

Who Is In The Third Season Of Black Summer’s Cast?

  • Rose is played by Jamie King.
  • Anna is played by Zoe Marlett.
  • Spears is played by Justin Chu Cary.
  • Sun is played by Christine Lee.
Black Summer Season 3 Cast
Black Summer Season 3 Cast

Is Jaime King In The Running For A Role In The Third Season Of Black Summer?

There is also the possibility that the show may be renewed, but Jaime King will no longer play a major role in it.

Why is it possible that this may happen? Because the Black Summer season 2 ending leaves her character’s destiny in the balance. Another reason she might be interested in other projects is if her character is killed off. Rose was not only seriously hurt, but she and a small group of passengers were abandoned at the airstrip as a result. So it’s not clear what will happen to her.

Fans Of Black Summer Have Some Cause For Optimism

According to an interview with Express that was published months after season 2’s launch, King had nothing but praise for the show. When asked about the show’s future, she stated she had a few ideas and was “eager to get the writer’s room going again,” adding that Black Summer “is the kind of series that could go on forever, but I think it would be extremely powerful to do it in just three seasons.”

Not all the bad news is bleak, right? The movie casting announcement shouldn’t worry anyone because it appears like King still has a stake in the show. There is nothing more than fans of the show can do at this point but revisit it and wait for Netflix to make a decision on its future.

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