Blippi’s Net Worth: Everything We Know About His Life

Blippi is a YouTube and Amazon Video-based children’s entertainment and educator. The Blippi videos are intended to educate and entertain young children, as John’s Blippi character is always clothed with a blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, orange suspenders, and a bow tie.

Blippi’s Childhood

Stevin John was born in Las Vegas on May 27, 1988. John grew up in Ellensburg, Washington, “surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses,” and has indicated that as a boy, he wished to be a limousine driver and a fighter pilot.

Blippi’s Net Worth

Blippi began his career as a C-17 loadmaster with the United States Air Force’s 4th Nuclear Airlift Squadron. He is a service veteran.

Stevin John came up with the idea for Blippi after relocating to Ellensburg and witnessing his then two-year-old nephew watching low-quality YouTube videos. Blippi has been described as “an adult human man who dresses brightly and dances about America’s abandoned soft play centres for the benefit of YouTube.”

On January 27, 2014, the first Blippi video was released, with John starring as Blippi and doing all of the filming, editing, and graphics for the initial videos.

The videos ultimately accumulated a sizable audience, with over a billion views on YouTube, and the production team expanded. The Blippi team would continue producing Spanish-language movies, construct Blippi Toys, and begin selling DVDs and digital downloads through the Blippi website.

Blippi’s net worth is $40 million as of 2022.

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Here are some of the best highlights of Blippi’s career:

  • Blippi Learns About Jungle Animals (309 Million Views, 2019)
  • 6.67 Million Subscribers On YouTube (2019)

    Favorite Quotes From Blippi

    “Orange is fun and creative. Green was another good one, but I understood that in the future I was probably going to shoot a green screen with a large company, and I didn’t want to be the burden to have them paint it blue. I ruled it out.” – Blippi 

    “I just loved seeing the process of how something is made from the beginning to the end. It’s something I try to tie into my videos. I love trying to get [kids] excited that they’re actually learning something.” – Blippi 

    “I wouldn’t consider myself a full-blown expert at anything, but I know a heck of a lot about a lot of stuff. If I can give children positive emotions on getting excited to learn about stuff, then from there I’ve done my job.” – Blippi 

  • Blippi's Wife

How many cars does Blippi own?

Blippi has recently purchased a brand-new Volvo XC40 at a price of $70,000 USD. Blippi also owns a BMW X8 that’s worth more than $200,000 USD. A few other cars owned by Blippi are listed below, along with their prices. Check out Logan Paul’s Net Worth.

  • Audi A6 – $120,000 USD
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class – $50,000 USD

Blippi’s YouTube Income

Year Income
2021 $9 Million
2020 $6 Million
2019 $3 Million
2018 $1 Million
2017 $470,000

Blippi’s Residence

Blippi resides in a 9,000-square-foot mansion in California. Blippi paid $16 million for this home. Blippi’s mansion has seven colossal bedrooms, nine luxurious bathrooms, a home theatre, a game room, three fireplaces, three swimming pools, and Greek décor.

Blippi’s Children

Stevin John, the children’s entertainer and actor behind the popular character Blippi, and his fiancée Alyssa Ingham welcomed their first baby together on 14th March.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Blippi make a year?

Blippi earns over $11 million dollars a year through YouTube ad revenues and media rights with Amazon.

What is Blippis’s real name?

Blippi’s real name is Stevin John.

Was Blippi in the military?

Yes. Blippi served active duty in the United States Air Force.

What car does Blippi drive?

Blippi drives a Volvo and a Mercedes.

What is Blippi’s real job?

Blippi was in US Air Force. After that, he entered the media Industry. Also, see Cocomelon’s Net Worth.

What is Bippi’s height?

Blippi is 5 Feet 9 Inches tall (1.78 Meters).

How much does Bippi earn from YouTube?

Blippi earns $9 Million a year from YouTube.

3 Life Lessons From Blippi

Now that you know all about Blippi’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from him:

1. You Are Perfect

Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know.

2. Challenges

Don’t call it problems, call it challenges.

3. Fear

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.


Blippi is a fun educational YouTube channelYouTube channel that focuses on creating content for children to help them learn about colours, shapes, numbers, letters, and the alphabet. It features nursery rhymes, instructive tunes, and instructional films.

Blippi’s net worth is expected to reach $40 million in 2022.

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