Bloody Sword Discovered Near To Murder Suspect In Puna

Police on the island of Hawaii are looking into “a domestic-related” homicide that happened in the Puna neighborhood of Orchidland Estates on Friday.

The Hawaii Police Department reports that shortly after 2:30 p.m., Puna patrol officers responded to a disturbance at a home on 38th Avenue in Orchidland.

Officers arrived and were greeted by a man whose hands were clearly injured and whose clothes were covered in blood. According to a police news release, a big sword that was covered in blood was discovered close to the guy, who was eventually identified as Christopher Roy Howlind, 52.

The police quickly called for medical help for him. Police discovered a 58-year-old woman dead with serious knife cuts to her neck, upper body, arms, and hands as they were waiting for the ambulance, according to the release. Howlind was detained for second-degree murder at that time.

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Howlind started vomiting and went into cardiac arrest as he was being taken to the Hilo cellblock, according to the police. He was taken right away to the emergency room at the Hilo Medical Center, where he is still being treated while being held by police.

Prior to officers’ arrival on the scene, police said they thought he had consumed some sort of chemical liquid, according to the press release.

The victim, her 37-year-old son, and Howlind all dwell on the property, and detectives from the Area I Criminal Investigation Section intend to get a search warrant for it as part of their ongoing investigation into the event.

Early next week is set aside for an autopsy to identify the precise cause of death.

Call Detective Clarence Davies at 808-961-2382 or the police department’s non-emergency number at 808-935-3311 if you have any information on the event.

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