Blue Lock Chapter 220 Release Date: What To Expect From It?

In the last chapter, Isagi and Niko were simultaneously hatching a plan to steal the ball while Kunigami frantically charged it. Isagi put a foot on the ball and moved away from Raichi’s attempted interception, toward the goal. After passing the last line of defense, he and Kurona were able to proceed, but Aiku’s active meta-vision stopped them.

However, Isagi’s tactical skill demonstrated in the previous chapter that Kunigami couldn’t eliminate the final three defenders on his own. Isagi understood the value of teamwork, whereas Kunigami considered going it alone.

Isagi and Niko also came up with a smart plan to take down Kunigami. You need not look any further if, like us, you have been impatiently expecting the publication of Blue Lock chapter 220. Release Date for Blue Lock Chapter 220 and other related topics are covered in the article below.

Blue Lock Chapter 220 Release Date

On May 30, fans will be able to access “Seesaw Game,” the 220th chapter of Blue Lock. The following chapter will be released in Japan on May 31 at midnight JST.

Blue Lock Chapter 220 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 219 Recap

Both Isagi and Niko attempt to steal the ball from Kunigami in the 219th chapter of Blue Lock, titled “Dynamism,” but Niko’s attempt is thwarted when Raichi blocks him. Niko had missed Raichi approaching him, thus Isagi could tell that he was still a novice in meta-vision.

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Oliver Aiku also blocked Isagi just as he used Kurona to get past two Ubers defenders by using his just gained meta vision. Isagi’s left foot wasn’t as powerful as his right, and Aiku was aware of this. He consequently understood that his lefty direct shoot was a bluff. When Isagi ran into a problem while on his mission, Yukimiya intervened to help.

What Can We Expect From Blue Lock Chapter 220?

In the next chapter 220 of Blue Lock, titled Seesaw Game, Yukimiya Kenyu gets his second goal of the Neo Egoist League after rescuing Isagi after Oliver Aiku obstructed him.

Michael Kaiser, who has been missing for some time, might show up to grab the ball from Isagi and score the goal in place of Yukimiya. If that doesn’t happen, Don Lorenzo or Ikki Niko could block the pass to Yukimiya and thwart the Ubers’ comeback. The title of the chapter may be alluding to this barrage of counterattacks.

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