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Bodycam Footage Shows Police In New Mexico Fatally Shooting An Armed Homeowner After Coming To The Wrong House

Bodycam Footage Shows Police In New Mexico Fatally Shooting An Armed Homeowner After Coming To The Wrong House

Bodycam Footage Shows Police In New Mexico Fatally Shooting An Armed Homeowner After Coming To The Wrong House

On Friday, authorities in northwest New Mexico made body camera footage of police shooting and killing a homeowner after they arrived at the wrong address in response to a domestic violence incident.

Just over a week after the April 5 evening shooting, the Farmington Police Department made a video of officers entering the house. They approached the front door while passing the house’s address, which was visible and well-lit from the outside. They then rapped on the door to introduce themselves.

The cops can be heard knocking twice more while asking a dispatcher to confirm the address and instruct the caller to come to the door. A home across the street’s address is given by the dispatcher.

Soon after, the homeowner, who was carrying a revolver, opened the door. The police then opened fire, firing multiple shots as they moved away. The man is seen falling to the floor.

A woman can be heard screaming inside the house a minute or so later, and additional gunshots can be heard.

According to the authorities, the man’s wife opened fire from the doorway without realizing who was outside, which prompted the officers to retaliate by firing. She wasn’t hurt, but after the second round of gunfire, you could hear her screaming and sobbing.

The man’s daughter also frantically dialed 911, claiming to have heard bangs and gunfire and that her father was in need of assistance.

She calls 911 dispatchers and says, “There were gunshots in the house and my dad is dead.”

At the time of the shooting, she and two other kids were inside the house.

The footage shows a tense situation breaking out around four minutes after the officers first showed up at the incorrect home. As more police officers came, sirens started to sound after the shooting ceased.

The wife of the homeowner is heard appealing with the police. “Help! My husband was shot by someone. Please! Please! She stated, “My kids are upstairs.

As she was being dragged from the house by police, one of them shouted for her to be handcuffed and asked her to come outside.

The reason why cops went to the incorrect address is still under investigation, according to Farmington police.

The release of the footage, according to Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe, was made in an effort to be forthright and honest about what he has called a dark day for the department’s officers as well as the family of the homeowner, 52-year-old Robert Dotson.

“It starts with us not getting off to a good start and making a mistake and going to the wrong address,” Hebbe remarked. However, the story concludes honestly with something that is plain uncommon: Mr. Dodson bringing a gun out and aiming it at the police.

The Dotson family and their attorney also watched the footage, according to the department, before it was made available to the general public.

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The men and women of the Farmington Police Department agree that this occurrence was serious. We’ll take every step we can to learn as much as we can about what happened here, Hebbe added.

“Once more, we would want to offer the Dotson family our condolences, and as your chief of police, I would like to express how very sad I am that this tragedy occurred. As long as we are able, we will continue to offer updates.

In the meanwhile, three officers have been placed on paid administrative leave. No names of the cops have been released.

The case occurs at a time when there is a national reckoning about the use of force by law enforcement.

The State Police Investigations Bureau is still looking into the issue, and it has stated that its results would be given to the district attorney for more consideration.

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