Bradley Cooper Complete Dating Timeline! Is She Currently Single?

Bradley Cooper Complete Dating Timeline! Is She Currently Single? This year, Bradley Cooper had two new movies out towards the tail end of 2021 just in time for awards season (Nightmare Alley and Licorice Pizza—the latter of which had me needing both licorice *and* pizza). Because the public thought he and Lady Gaga were dating (they weren’t), the last time Bradley was in the midst of Oscar talk was when he was with Irina Shayk despite the fact that he was with Bradley Cooper. Hence the extensive and somewhat dramatic history of Bradley’s romantic relationships, which includes a number of well-known figures with whom you should certainly catch up.

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Irina Shayk (2015 To 2019)

A year after they wed in 2015, Irina and Bradley welcomed their first child, Lea, into the world in 2017. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are currently on good terms, but their breakup in 2019 came about due to a slew of (false!) accusations that Cooper was having an affair with Gaga because of their unmistakable connection in A Star Is Born and during the A Star Is Born press tour.

According to Gaga, “First of all, social media, very simply, is the sewage of the internet. It’s a cesspool.” To say nothing of the damage it has done to popular culture. People saw love, and what do you think they saw? For us, this was the point. This is a song about a person in love. A Star Is Born is a love story depicted in film. We both believed it was critical that we were connected at all times… Look, I’ve held Tony Bennett in my arms for the last three years as we’ve traveled the world. That’s the emotion you aim to evoke in listeners with your love songs. We did a terrific job, and I’m an artist. “I’ve got a plan to trick you!”

In case you’re curious, no, the Gaga allegations weren’t the catalyst for Irina and Bradley’s breakup, despite the fact that their split occurred shortly after the rumors peaked. According to an insider with knowledge of the situation, “Irina recently decided enough is enough. The constant squabbling made their lives unpleasant because she didn’t feel like she was getting the kind of dedication she wanted. After discovering that they were only able to be together because of their baby, they decided to call it a day.”

Bradley and Irina are still close and share parenting duties with their daughter. They were spotted out and about in New York City this summer!

At one point, the three of them spent the whole Thanksgiving holiday with Lea and her hubby, and they appeared to be the happiest little family ever during a trip with them.

Renée Zellweger (2009 To 2011)

A source told Us Weekly that Renée was the one to end the relationship with Bradley since he was just too focused on his job. Renée and Bradley dated for around two years before they broke up at the beginning of 2011. According to one source, if they had to choose one of Brad’s potential mistresses, they would choose his career. He exerted a lot of effort in order to achieve the role of leading man.

It would appear that relations between the two are amicable, as they were seen hanging out together at the Oscars in 2020!

Renée Zellweger (2009 To 2011)
Renée Zellweger (2009 To 2011)

Jennifer Esposito (2006 To 2007)

Have you forgotten that Bradley is married? The exact same thing. After only a brief two-month engagement, though, he and the actress Jennifer Esposito made their relationship public in December of 2006. And their marriage was even shorter, lasting only four months, before Jennifer filed for divorce, citing insurmountable differences as the reason for her action.

Jennifer did comment on the accusations that Bradley was involved with Lady Gaga by commenting “ha” on THIS Instagram post made by David Spade. Although she hasn’t spent a lot of time talking about Bradley since then, she did address the rumors.

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