Brian Gillis Cause Of Death: LFO Member Passed Away At 47

Brian Gillis belonged to the well-known boy band LFO. Brizz was both his real name and his stage name. When he was in his late 40s, the musician recently passed away.

Brian Gillis Cause Of Death

According to Extra, the tragic news of the singer’s passing was disseminated on social media. The news outlet was able to report that he died of a heart attack despite the fact that the post is no longer accessible.

The musician’s family has not yet publicly announced the musician’s passing online as of the time of this writing, but LFO did so on their official Facebook page.

“Brizz” Gillis, Brian, said. Since I don’t know the specifics, it isn’t appropriate for me to divulge them. I’m finding it difficult to cope with this terrible loss. The LFO Story is a tragedy, as I’ve stated again and will again, wrote Brad Fischetti.

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Role Of Brian Gillis In LFO’s Success

Lyte Funkie Ones, also known as LFO, was founded in 1995 by a number of people, including Gillis. The hue of the band members gave the Massachusetts group its moniker.

The ensemble, which included Rich Cronin and the late singer Brad Fischetti, had a significant amount of pop-rap music. They were able to release songs like the New Kids on the Block cover of “Step by Step” and “(Sex U Up) The Way You Like It).

LFO later relocated to Florida in order to maintain their success. They gained even more notoriety when Lou Pearlman was able to secure them a recording contract with the Trans Con label.

Role Of Brian Gillis In LFO's Success
Role Of Brian Gillis In LFO’s Success

Devin Lima joined the band when Gillis later began a solo career. He departed the band, but they chose to include his vocals on their self-titled album from 1999. After releasing their second album, LFO disbanded in 2002. The late singer continued to work at the time and was able to participate in college tours.

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