Bronny James Net Worth 2022: Nike Announced The Deal With NBA Star Bronny James

Bronny, at the young age of 17, has accomplished what most people don’t manage to do in their entire lives. His fame has less to do with his famous dad, LeBron James, and more to do with him. With his wits, shooting, and speed, Bronny James is undoubtedly one of the best basketball players today. In fact, he surpasses his famous father’s abilities at the same age.

Early Life

Originally from the United States, Bronny James was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Bronny has always had a natural inclination toward athletics. He was an avid sportsman, taking part in activities such as soccer and basketball. James played basketball for Amateur Athletic Union teams in a number of tournaments before he entered high school.

When he was only nine years old, he first gained widespread recognition. Coach John Calipari, of the Kentucky Wildcats, saw him play for the Miami Ballers in an AAU tournament.

In 2014, Bronny James gained widespread recognition after appearing in various basketball highlight reels. All who witnessed his play were left in awe by his pinpoint accuracy and silky touch. He seemed born with a basketball in each foot.


Despite his young age (17), basketball star Bronny James has already made his mark with a tattoo. The fact that Bronny has been playing since he was young has been one of his greatest advantages. He’s just gotten better and better at the sport over time. Some have even speculated that Bronny’s accuracy at such a young age exceeds that of his father, LeBron James, at the same age.

Even when he was a starter, Bronny still wore a ‘0’ on his jersey to honor his childhood hero Russell Westbrook. Next, he flipped it to ’23,’ his father’s jersey number. Bronny’s career took off after she gained widespread recognition in 2014. Incredibly significant step; one to always remember.

He signed up with the AAU’s Gulf Coast Blue Chips that year (2015). The team won the fourth-grade division at the League Dallas, also known as the Hype Sports Summer Jam, thanks in large part to Bronny’s stellar play.

Over the course of the next three years, he competed in a wide range of additional tournaments and events. In 2018, he finally made his next big discovery. He signed on with the North Coast Blue Chips and eventually led them to the John-Lucas All-Star championship.

This same group of youngsters went on to take first place at the NY2LA Swish ‘N Dish tournament for their age group. However, Bronny was still very hungry. They competed as a team in the Jr. NBA Midwest Championship. Even though they made it to the quarterfinals, they ultimately lost.

Bronny James

However, Bronny’s assurance was unaffected. Because of this, he signed up to play for the under-16 Nike Elite Youth Basketball League team Strive for Greatness despite being significantly younger than the other players. As he took on increasingly formidable foes and high-profile newcomers, he gained valuable experience. Also, read about Faith Hill

James started his first year of high school in May of 2019 after transferring to Sierra Canyon School. He was so outstanding in his first few months that he attracted five-star recruits. Thanks to Bronny’s leadership, the group achieved remarkable success. Because they appeared so formidable, ESPN aired their games in real-time.

In the subsequent games, he contributed offensively. The game where he was named most valuable player against St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, his father’s alma mater, stands out as the most significant. In a game in 2020, he scored 17 points, which was high for the year.

Bronny James Accomplishments and Honors

Apart from the fact that he has won multiple championships with different teams, not much is known about them. It’s no wonder his shelf is gleaming with all the medals and awards he’s won. It’s important to remember that he’s only 17, so he still has a long way to go before he’s done winning awards.

Bronny James’ biggest asset is the way he plays his game. Materialistic assets and investments remain hidden from the public eye.

Nike Deal

On Monday, Nike announced that five amateur basketball players, including Bronny James, the eldest son of NBA superstar LeBron James, had signed endorsement deals with the company.

James Jr. turned 18 on Thursday and is a guard for local powerhouse Sierra Canyon High School; his 37-year-old father is the Los Angeles Lakers’ four-time NBA champion playmaker. Already, Bronny James can be seen in commercials for Nike’s newest shoe, the Nike LeBron 20. The deals’ monetary details were not made public.

Bronny James Net Worth

Bronny James Net Worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $10 million. Bronny is one of the youngest millionaires and wealthiest basketball stars thanks to his impressive net worth. His incredible wealth is a direct result of his success in high school basketball tournaments. Bronny’s live streams and gaming earnings are a major source of his wealth. Although he does not publicly endorse any products, rumors have linked him with sportswear giant Nike.

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