BTB Savage Net Worth: What Caused The Rapper’s Death?

American rapper and vocalist BTB Savage. He was also known for penning hit rap songs including The Real Punchmade, First Day Out, and 1000 Miles, among many others. In this post, we’ll look more closely into BTB Savage’s net worth and the factors that have contributed to his success.

BTB Savage Net Worth

The BTB Savage Net Worth at the time of his passing was $1 million. This includes money made from item sales, streaming royalties, song sales, and social media endorsements.

His earnings are expected to increase further as a result of the release of new music and the expansion of his social media presence.

Early Life And Education Of BTB Savage

BTB Savage was born to an American family in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 10, 1995. His real name was Brian Thompson. Both his zodiac sign and his exact birthdate are uncertain.

He never worked in the music business and spent all of his formative years playing basketball at school. BTB Savage moved from Ohio to Texas before starting at Churchill High School in San Antonio. During high school, he began to think seriously about music but lacked the money to pursue it.

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Career Success For BTB Savage: Release Of First Album And Breakthrough Hits

The beginning of Btb Savage’s musical career was delayed by financial issues. He served in the military for a period in order to live a better life. Nonetheless, his involvement in international fraud led to his imprisonment.

After being set free, he seriously considered music and showed little interest in joining the military. Finally, he put out his debut song in the year 2020. His debut track, Dolce & Gabbana, was made available on September 21 according to his Spotify website.

Career Success For BTB Savage: Release Of First Album And Breakthrough Hits
Career Success For BTB Savage: Release Of First Album And Breakthrough Hits

The following year, he was able to sing some fantastic songs, including Marilyn Manson, Pinky’s Oreoz, and 1 Day Turnaround. In 2022, he issued his debut record, entitled Break The Bank.

In the Album, ten songs by Veeze and Teejayx6 were featured. He later released his 14-song solo album Scam Party in June of the same year.

Due to the success of his debut album, part two of the record, which included 17 songs, was published in December 2022. His most recent and last album was MoneyBlood. He co-wrote a song called TSA with Juney Knotzz, which was his final release before passing away.

BTB Savage Death

Only a few days after posting on a well-known YouTube channel about killing a man who reportedly tried to steal him at his Alamo City apartment, the young rapper from San Antonio was shot and killed in Houston on March 30.

A guy was shot and killed in his car on Thursday at around 6 o’clock in the River Oak district of Houston, according to ABC 13. Despite the fact that the victim has not yet been officially identified, Houston police said they think the shooting was intentional.

Yet, a number of media rumors assert that the rapper BTB Savage is the victim. MySA has gotten in touch with the police in Houston and San Antonio for a response.

According to Houston TV station KPRC on Friday, several bullet cases were discovered at the scene of a drive-by shooting involving a rapper who was slain by someone driving a black Subaru while wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses.

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