Call The Midwife Season 12: Is Season 12 As Well As 13 Confirmed?

After the conclusion of the eleventh season of the famous historical drama Call the Midwife, many viewers are curious about what lies next for the Poplar community’s midwives. The following describes what we now know about the future of Nonnatus House. Scroll down to check the release date of Call The Midwife Season 12.

Call The Midwife Season 12 Plot/Story

We don’t know much about what will happen in season 12, but we have seen a few signs. Thomas told Radio Times, “The 12th season, which we are currently filming, takes place in 1968. The lives of women were very different. It was now legal to have an abortion.

People were more open about talking about domestic violence. It was now time for the pill. These things changed what women went through and how they saw the world. This is true for both our regular characters and our guest characters. She also said, “We’re looking at some very powerful stories about how society was changing at the time.”

Thomas said that along with the changing role of women in society, the show would also talk about the anti-immigration feeling in the UK at the time and bring back some issues from previous seasons. Fans of the show for a long time may remember Rhoda Mullucks, who actress Liz White played. In season 4, she was given thalidomide while pregnant, and in season 6, she gave birth to her daughter, Susan, who was born with birth defects because of the drug. Thomas says that Rhoda’s pregnancy in season 12 “puts [the family] under a certain amount of pressure and gives them a lot to worry about.”

What can we expect next? “Something pretty great happens to Trixie; Lucile has to deal with a fair amount of sadness, and what else can I say?” Thomas said. “Sister Veronica is coming to join the group of nuns.”

Call The Midwife Season 12 Cast

Even though there haven’t been many official casting announcements for season 12, behind-the-scenes photos posted by the show on Twitter seem to confirm that most of the core cast will be back, including Stephen McGann as Dr Turner, Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne, and Linda Bassett as Nurse Crane.

Helen George, who played Nurse Trixie and left the show in the middle of season 11 to have a baby, will also be back on display. This may be the most exciting news for longtime fans of the show.

Heidi Thomas, the show’s creator, told the RadioTimes in May that the character has “big news” coming up, which sounds like it will make for an exciting season when she returns. She said, “Trixie is back with us.” “Something interesting and kind of wonderful will happen to Trixie in this series, so she will soon find out some big news that we probably won’t tell you about just yet.”

Top of the rumours is that Trixie and the widower Matthew Aylward (Olly Rix), who has been her love interest for the last two seasons, might have something big coming up—maybe a wedding?—but for now, the show is keeping quiet.

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Call The Midwife Season 12 Cast

Call The Midwife Season 12 Release Date

The next episode of Call the Midwife hasn’t been given a set date yet, but filming has already begun this spring. The Call the Midwife Twitter account posted some new behind-the-scenes photos on April 25 to announce that filming had begun.

Cliff Parisi, who plays the lovable Fred Buckle on the show, told BBC’s Morning Live in July that there have been a few problems with COVID-19 since filming began. “We’ve had a couple of people go down with COVID,” he said, “but generally, the spirit’s good; we’re getting on with it.” He added, “We’re on the fourth episode of the new show, and as always, Heidi Thomas’s scripts are great. We love working on her scripts, and I feel very lucky to be working with such a talented and beautiful group of people.”

Based on this news, it seems likely that the show will stick to its usual debut schedule. Season 12 will probably start airing in the UK in early 2023, and new episodes will come to the US a little later, maybe in the spring of that year. Thomas confirmed this schedule when he told the Radio Times in late July that the new season “will probably come out in January if it follows the usual pattern.”

Call The Midwife Season 12 Trailer

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