Cara Delevingne’s Dating List: Is She Bisexual?

Cara Delevingne’s Dating List: Is She Bisexual? Cara Delevingne is an iconic supermodel and actor (who, as a side note, does not have costly taste), so clearly, yes. Cara is friends with literally every celebrity ever and has dated several celebrities, both openly and secretly. She once told Elle UK, “I’m simply at my best when I’m in love. That does not necessarily imply with someone. It can also mean personally. It feels amazing when you’re not alone when you’re facing the world alongside another person.”

I adore this for her. Check out this chronology of Cara Delevingne’s ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, and before you ask, yes, she appears to be single at present!

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Jake Bugg: 2013

MTV started in 2013 when Cara was dating “teenage pop sensation” Jake Bugg, whom she met through their common friend Rita Ora. However, it appears they weren’t meant to last, as they broke up just a few months after this news broke.

“Jake is quite distressed. Cara is an outstanding catch and a lot of fun. An insider stated at the time, “She won’t have any trouble finding a substitute for him.” “Cara’s job is doing so well that she may be erring on the side of caution and focusing on her career. She pondered the options, and with Jake’s career on the rise, they didn’t see each other all that often anyhow.”

Apologies, Jake!

Harry Styles: 2013

In September 2013, a source told E! News that Harry had been relentlessly pursuing Cara. He has expressed his desire to be in an exclusive relationship with her. It appears that they were not together for very long, although Harry did watch Cara walk the Burberry show.

Michelle Rodriguez: 2014

Michelle and Cara began dating in early 2014, and Michelle stated, “It’s going extremely well. She is very cool. I thought she was incredible when we first began hanging out, and we have the finest time together. She’s quite difficult. You wouldn’t want to get into a fight with her.”

They broke up after only a few months, with a source claiming that Michelle wasn’t as interested in the spotlight. She believes that their priorities differ.”

Jack O’Connell: 2014

A source confirmed to E! News that Cara and Jack were dating in late 2014 with the simple statement, “They’re having fun.” That’s it! Cara also appeared to confirm their relationship status on Instagram by posting a photo of all the “love bites” she’d given him.

St. Vincent: 2015 to 2016

Cara and the artist St. Vincent were quite serious for around 18 months, and Cara even spoke to Vogue about their romance, stating, “I’m really in love… Before, I was unaware of what true love was. I did not get the significance of it. I always believed it was you versus the world. Now I realize that love is the meaning of life. Whether it be for yourself, the planet, or your spouse.”

The couple ended their relationship shortly after the interview was published, and in 2017, St. Vincent told Vogue, “We’ll always be incredibly close. I will forever love her. I fell in love with this extremely famous individual. It is not anything I was ashamed of, so I would not have concealed it.

Cara Delevingne's Dating List
Cara Delevingne’s Dating List

Ashley Benson: 2018 to 2020

Ashley and Cara broke up in 2020, according to a source who told People, “they’ve always had their ups and downs, but now it’s finished. Their relationship has reached its conclusion.”

Cara revealed to Cosmopolitan (hi) what it was like to experience a breakup during the early days of the pandemic, stating, “It made me deal with it more, which was harder…or better. I’m not sure. In a pandemic, everything is amplified.

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