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Where Did Racism Come From? New Study May Have The Answer

Today it may feel like racism is a bigger issue than ever, and more and more people are suffering from prejudice. But when did racism actually start, and what are its roots? A new study is aiming to answer this question. The head author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy […]

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Research Shows Children Punish Bad Behaviour From A Young Age

By the time a child is just 3 years old, he or she can already distinguish between good and evil and right and wrong. But that’s not all: children at that age are also able to punish bad behavior and encourage good behavior, even if they may suffer for it. That is the conclusion of […]

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When the holidays come around, we may start surfing the internet and looking into different things that might make us happy, including impulse items. Suppose you are looking at a potential vacation destination and your booking website indicates that only 1 room is left for your planned date. You go ahead and make the booking […]

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How Does Counting On Fingers Help Children?

It is an innate behavior of children that they will use their hands to count and work out sums, and parents tend to encourage this behavior. It is only later in life that they are told not to rely on their fingers so much. But how would children’s learning be different if they did not […]

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Fake Smiles May Do More Harm Than Good

Smiling has always been considered to be extremely important, as it eases the mood and acts as a social cue. But according to a recent study, this may only be if the smile is genuine. If a smile is fake, it may actually be doing more harm than good, and can have negative implications for […]

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