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Science Answers: What Is Pansexuality?

First off, what is pansexuality? It is a concept that goes back as far as the time of Freud, and there have been a number of studies on it. It may be loosely defined as someone who is sexually attracted to a person regardless of the sex of that person, as defined by sociologist Emily […]

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Can Children Be Turned Into Aquaman? Possibly

Is it possible to see underwater with clarity, just with our bare eyes? Anna Gislen, from Lund University in Sweden, says that it may be possible. To test her hypothesis, she set up an experiment where she analyzed how good the vision of Moken children is, who have lived on the islands of Southeast Asia […]

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Climate Change May Have A Huge Affect On Poverty

A new preliminary report by the United Nations Human Rights Council has suggested that climate change may result in hundreds of millions of people being pushed back into poverty, thus potentially cancelling the past fifty years of progress in worth health and poverty reduction. Climate change, according to the report, can easily result in food […]

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What Determines If A Lost Wallet Is Returned? Science Has The Answer

If you find a lost wallet, would you return it? A new study has analyzed this question and come to some very surprising results. According to this study, published in Science, the more money there is in a wallet, the more likely it is to be returned. That goes completely against what I had personally […]

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New Research Reveals Why Parents Are So Hard On Themselves

Parents are accustomed to listening to suggestions on how to be better parents. But how do parents tend to respond to all kinds of criticism from different people, and is it actually helpful? A new survey conducted by the CS Mott Children’s Hospital may have the answer. According to the study, many parents respond well […]

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Researchers Ask: Are Prisons The Best Way To Stop Violent Criminals?

A study conducted by the sociologist David Harding from the University of California at Berkeley has concluded that locking up criminals who committed assaults, robberies and similar crimes does little to prevent them for committing these crimes again once they get out of prison. The whole findings were published in the Nature Human Behavior publication, […]

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How Much You Earn May Be Written In Your DNA, Study Says

What do the richest people in the world have in common? A study from the University of Edinburgh has come to an interesting conclusion: these people may share the same genes of wealth. A team led by David Hill looked into the UK Biobank database, which contains over 500,000 genetic profiles of people living in […]

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