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Category: Psychology

Is Stress The Result Of The ‘Lump In Your Throat’ Feeling?

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of having a frog in your throat when you start talking. Now, an interesting new study from the University of Missouri says that the reason behind this could be stress, which prevents us from speaking clearly or really being able to control our voice. The study presents […]

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Women Are Currently Considered As Competent As Men – If Not More

A lot of research has been done on women’s rights over the past 70 years. Most recently, a new study published in American Psychologist has done some detailed work in this area, and their conclusion is as follows: women are currently considered just as competent as men, if not more. “Challenging the traditional claims that […]

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Why Do Our Brains Love Gossip?

New research from PNAS has shown that the brain enjoys new information as much as it enjoys receiving an amount of money. In addition, the same area of the brain is activated as when a person earns money, with the same dopamine hit. “For the brain, information is its own reward, regardless of whether it […]

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Liars Are Not Always Disapproved Of

We can all agree that no-one likes liars. However, in certain professions, they tend to be more useful than in other professions. That is the conclusion that was reached by a study conducted by the University of Chicago, led by Emma Levine. This study, published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, identifies certain professions […]

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Do Dogs Experience Stress The Same As Humans?

Led by Ann-Sofie Sundman, a team of scientists from Link√∂ping University has analyzed the different lifestyles of dogs and the people that they live with. The study was published in Scientific Reports and came about from the idea that if coexistence between humans tends to cause stress, perhaps coexistence between humans and dogs can also […]

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People Tend To Keep Dating The Same Type Of Person, Study Says

Do you find that you tend to always be attracted to the same people? If so, this study will be of interest to you. New research by social psychologists at the University of Toronto, published in PNAS, shows that people tend to seek the same romantic partners over and over again. “It’s common that when […]

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Science Asks: How Long Should We Wait Before Asking For A Favor To Be Returned?

A new investigation by the University of Pennsylvania has found that when it comes to favors, it is best to ask for them back as soon as possible, assuming we are not doing the favor as a purely selfless act. The study authors conducted a detailed experiment with many participants from a public hospital (all […]

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