Charles Barkley Net Worth: Charles Barkley Says Kyrie Irving Should Have Been Suspended

Charles Barkley Net Worth is what we will discuss here. Former NBA star and current TV analyst, Charles Barkley has left the court. Charles lost between $10 and $30 million in his lifetime on the casino tables, thus his true net worth is likely much lower.

Charles has been a prominent brand advocate for many years, both during and after his professional playing career. Endorsements from firms including Nike, FanDuel, T-Mobile, McDonald’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Right Guard have netted him tens of millions of dollars. In a now-iconic Nike ad during the height of his playing career, Charles famously declared, “I am not a role model.”

Charles, now in his golden years, has established himself as a respected sports pundit. His “Inside the NBA” show on TNT is among the most-watched sports programs in the country. Down below, we’ll go into more detail about his deal with TNT and his annual compensation.

Profits From Professional Basketball Career

Charles Barkley earned $40.3 million in pay during his professional playing career. His highest-earning season was in 1999, his final year with the Houston Rockets when he made $9 million. After adjusting for inflation, that sum is equivalent to about $14 million now.

Early Years

On February 20, 1963, in Leeds, Alabama, the world was introduced to Charles Barkley. His father left the family when he was quite young. His mother remarried and had two more sons; Charles was 11 when his stepfather died in a fatal accident. He played high school basketball at Leeds, where he was cut from the varsity team as a junior but impressed the head coach from Auburn University, who happened to be in the stands at one of his better games as a senior.

He attended the school thanks to an academic scholarship and studied business management from 1981 to 1984. He was an Auburn basketball player for three years. Barkley’s dunks and blocks quickly made him a fan favorite. He did not have a basketball player’s build; he was shorter than average and had trouble trimming down. But he was the SEC Player of the Year and won many other awards during his tenure at Auburn.

NBA Career

Barkley left Auburn in the middle of his junior year to be picked by the Philadelphia 76ers as the fifth overall choice in the 1984 NBA Draft. At the end of the 1986–87 season, he had established himself as the team’s top performer, and the following year, he became the Sixers’ franchise player. During his stint with the Sixers, he appeared in six all-star games, including two in which he was awarded the game’s most valuable player. Barkley became a household figure during his eight seasons in Philadelphia, and at this time he had a signature shoe line with Nike.

Charles was shipped to the Phoenix Suns in July of 1992. The Suns won the NBA championship thanks to his efforts; he led the team in scoring with 25.6 points per game while also setting a new personal best with 5.1 assists per contest. He was named MVP so quickly after being moved that he became only the third player in history to do so.

He also became eligible for his sixth consecutive All-Star Game. Because of a chronic back injury, he had to end his stint with the Suns after the 1995–1996 season. During his time with the squad, Barkley shot a career-best. 777 from the free throw line and led the team in scoring, rebounds, and steals.

When Charles was moved to the Houston Rockets in 1996, things didn’t exactly go smoothly. Since he got into a brawl with Charles Oakley during a preseason game, he will miss the first game of the regular season. Since then, his back pain has been so severe that he has missed 14 of the team’s 67 games. But he ended up scoring as many points as the team’s second-leading player.

Charles Barkley Net Worth

The Rockets had a 57-25 record overall and made it to the NBA Finals before losing to the Utah Jazz. The 1999–2000 NBA season was his last because of the discomfort and injuries he had been dealing with for some time. On April 19, 2000, after a 16-year, Hall of Fame career, he walked off the court to a standing ovation and retired.


Charles received an invitation to test out for the United States men’s basketball team for the 1984 Summer Olympics. Despite making it to the very last stages of the selection process, he was finally rejected. In the 1992 Olympics, he was a member of the legendary “Dream Team” alongside Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Scottie Pippen, and together they won the men’s basketball gold medal.

Barkley ended up leading the squad in scoring and even broke an Olympic record for three-point shooting percentage (87.5%) for U.S. men’s teams. Fans had come to expect him to engage in trash talk and make fun of his opponents, so when he elbowed another player on purpose, no one was shocked. Barkley guided the squad to another gold medal in 1994 at the Atlanta games.

Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductees in 2010, ‘The Dream Team’ created history with their remarkable roster. The team was called “probably the most dominant squad ever assembled in any sport” by Sports Illustrated. It appears that the Dream Team fad has revitalized interest in the sport on a global and national scale.

Television Career

Since the year 2000, Barkley has been a regular studio analyst on TNT’s NBA broadcasts. His postgame show, “Inside the NBA,” is hosted by him, Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, Jr., and Kenny Smith.

So far, Charles has been recognized three times as an excellent studio analyst by the Sports Emmy Awards. In addition, he has worked as a studio analyst for CBS’s coverage of NBA games. Since 2011, he has served as an analyst for each Final Four broadcast. He’s publicly announced his intention to leave the television industry in 2023.

Pay And Contract TNT

Charles Barkley re-upped with TNT for another five years and $30 million to co-host “Inside the NBA” beginning in 2020. That amounted to a yearly salary of $6 million.

Charles extended his deal with TNT by ten years and $100 million in October 2022.

Personal Life

Barkley and his wife, Maureen Blumhardt, had their daughter, Christina, in 1989. Barkley has a well-deserved reputation for being a reckless gambler. He lost $2.5 million in six hours of blackjack and estimates he has lost between $10 and $30 million in his lifetime gambling. Also, read about Somaya Reece Net Worth

Charles Barkley Says Kyrie Irving Should Have Been Suspended

The calls for NBA punishment of Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving for sharing an antisemitic clip keep piling up.

Following Irving’s tweeting of a link to the racist film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” the NBA, the Nets, and the basketball media have all demanded that he be held responsible.

Charles Barkley, speaking on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” expressed his desire for an NBA suspension of Irving for his promotion of antisemitism in light of the recent issue.

Barkley has said that Irving is an “idiot” who was responsible for the firing of former Nets head coach Steve Nash.

I believe he should have been placed on indefinite suspension. Barkley said to the judges, “I think Adam [Silver] should have suspended him.”

To begin with, Adam is a Jew. “You can’t insult my faith and expect me to let you keep my $40 million,” Barkley went on. To attack me is your prerogative; however, if you want to take my $40 million and insult my faith, I reserve the right to refuse.

Charles Barkley Net Worth

Charles Barkley Net Worth is estimated to be around $60 Million currently. Even though Barkley had previously identified as a Republican, he changed his mind and endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008. He considered a bid for Alabama governor as an independent for a long time. Barkley has been quite public in his support for homosexual rights and his opposition to President Trump.

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