Chickasaw Park Shooting Results In 4 Injuries And 2 Death

The Louisville Metro Police Department is looking into the shootings that left two persons dead and six others injured at Chickasaw Park.

Around nine o’clock at night, LMPD answered the call.

Four patients were transferred to UofL Hospital, according to the police, while two guys were found dead at the scene.

According to the police, there were three adult males and an adult female among the survivors. Police did not specify which victim had been discharged from the hospital, but at least one had.

According to reports, one survivor’s condition was initially listed as critical but then upgraded to critical but stable.

Hundreds of people were in the park, according to LMPD deputy chief Paul Humphrey, but no one saw the gunshot.

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At this point, there are no known suspects, and the homicide unit of the LMPD is in charge of the investigation.

Mayor Craig Greenberg urged people to lay down their weapons, stating, “It wasn’t only the incident on Monday. It wasn’t simply the shooting today.

Between the two shootings, there were dozens more. Between the horrific shooting on Monday and the one tonight, more people died. Please put down your firearms. Talking to one another and resolving conflicts can be done in a variety of ways. Violence with a gun is never the answer. Please lay down your weapons.

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