Chris Cornell Death: Why Did He End His Life?

After ingesting a variety of psychoactive substances, the frontman for Soundgarden took his own life by hanging himself in Detroit in 2017, when he was just 52 years old.

The news of Chris Cornell’s passing was startling, but not entirely unexpected. After all, the Soundgarden frontman had a long history of drug addiction and depression before his apparent suicide in 2017. His wife, however, insisted until her deathbed that he had never considered suicide. There were also those among his followers and amateur detectives who were convinced he had been assassinated.

The final evening of the grunge legend’s life started out normally. Soundgarden was on tour, having just reformed after a years-long sabbatical – much to the surprise of their fans. However, at around midnight local time in Detroit, Michigan, an hour after the band left the stage, a fatal incident occurred.

Cornell’s security, Martin Kirsten, escorted the singer back to his room at the MGM Grand Hotel after the show concluded. Cornell had a prescription for the tranquilizer Ativan, and he helped him take two doses while also assisting him with his laptop. Afterward, Kirsten went to his room down the hall and turned in for the night. But regrettably, the night was far from over.

Vicky, Cornell’s wife back in Los Angeles, saw that the lights in the house kept going out. Vicky became concerned when she noticed that her husband was using a phone app to remotely control the devices.

Cornell answered his phone at 11:35 p.m. when she called. Their chat didn’t put her mind at ease, especially since he was stumbling over his words. You have to tell me what you stole, she insisted.

Cornell told his wife he had only taken “one additional Ativan or two.” Even yet, Vicky’s concerns grew “since he did not sound like he is okay.” As a result, at 12:15 o’clock in the morning, she woke Kirsten up by insisting that she look in on her husband. It was too late by that time, though. Only 52 years old, Chris Cornell has passed away.

There was blood coming out of the singer’s mouth and an exercise band around his neck when he was discovered. Fans suspected foul play even though his death was officially ruled a suicide by hanging. Blood was recovered at the scene, which investigators deemed unusually high for a hanging. His grieving loved ones, however, pointed fingers at the doctor, accusing him of overprescribing “hazardous” drugs.

In spite of the fact that Chris Cornell’s death has been officially considered a suicide, many unanswered questions remain. Still, there’s no denying the tragic nature of his death.

Tragic News: Chris Cornell Has Passed Away

A little over a year after beginning work on a new album, in February of 2017, Soundgarden announced that they would be touring for the first time in over a decade, playing 18 shows across the United States. At first glance, their May 17 concert in Detroit might have been like any other show. However, some Cornell supporters sensed that the star was acting strangely.

He reportedly appeared to be frail in his motions, with one reporter noting, “He often staggered back and forth across the stage.” After only the first couple of songs, he seemed to lose all of his vitality and be reduced to a mere shell of a guy stumbling through his duties.

The show at the Fox Theatre ended at 11:15 p.m. Almost immediately after that, Cornell had his security assist him with his computer. Before he went to sleep, Kirsten also gave him some Ativan. Cornell frequently used this medicine for anxiousness, as evidenced by the leaked police report. But shortly after he kissed his bodyguard goodnight, things began to rapidly deteriorate.

Tragic News Chris Cornell Has Passed Away
Tragic News Chris Cornell Has Passed Away

Cornell might not have been discovered till morning if not for the efforts of his wife. But Vicky Cornell couldn’t deny that her husband was remotely twiddling the light switches in their Los Angeles home. At 11:35 p.m., she decided to give him a call and question his odd conduct.

She noted that when they spoke on the phone, he was especially “mean” and “ranting,” which she saw as a “warning something was off.”

Cornell’s reassuring explanation that he’d merely taken one or two more Ativan than usual brought temporary relief to the worried mother of two. She knew his history with prescription medicines and was quite concerned about his current state.

Cornell said, “I’m simply weary,” then hung up the phone.

Vicky Cornell spent the next 40 minutes repeating the discussion in her thoughts before calling Kirsten and asking him to personally check on her husband in his hotel room. Kirsten was in agreement. Cornell’s door was locked, though the bodyguard had a key. Cornell’s wife, upon hearing from Kirsten what had transpired, immediately summoned security to assist the couple in gaining entry to the room.

Vicky told Kirsten to kick the door down when security wouldn’t let her in. Kirsten did as she was told and discovered a terrifying sight.

When Kirsten stepped inside, she discovered that the restroom door was propped open. And I was able to see his shoes.

Blood was streaming from Cornell’s mouth when Kirsten discovered him on the lavatory floor with a red exercise band around his neck. A carabiner, a clip used by rock climbers to fasten their ropes, was fastened to the end of the resistance band. Equipment like this was crammed into the doorway.

The exercise band was shockingly not removed until MGM medic Dawn Jones arrived at the scene at 12:56 a.m.

Despite Jones’ best efforts, Cornell had already passed away. On May 18 at 1:30 a.m., a doctor formally declared his death.

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