Chrishell Stause Dating: Is She Lesbian?

Chrishell Stause Dating: Is She Lesbian? From the time they first met in October 2021 until now, here’s a look at the couple’s romance.
Chrishell Stause and G Flip are always on the go.

After the first meeting in October of that year, the Australian singer-songwriters of Selling Sunset have been vocal about their developing affair ever since.

Season 5 reunion moderator Tan France asked Stause if she had been seeing anyone special following her separation from Jason Oppenheim, and she answered that she had been dating G Flip.

Days of Our Lives alum leaped at the chance to star in one of the singer’s music videos, which the real estate agent said she met the non-binary musician through.

It was just a matter of time before the pair got married, moved in together, and even got each other tattoos.

After splitting from her co-star and CEO of the Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim, Stause has started a new relationship. In July 2021, they made their relationship public, and it ended in December of the same year.

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Who Is Chrishell Dating Right Now?

According to an interview with Women’s Health in February, Chrishell had taken a break from dating before dipping her toe back in.

She learned to let go of Cinderella fantasies, though, when she fell in love with her boss, Jason Oppenheim. I had a wonderful relationship with my former partner, except for the fact that we were just looking for different things. Chrishell remarked in an interview with WH that there is still a lot of love in the world.

In her mind, the relationship had failed if she didn’t ride off into the sunset with him. “And my relationship with Jason shifted my perspective.”

Chrishell announced her relationship status with 27-year-old Australian artist G Flip during the Season 5 reunion show, which aired on May 6. “I’ve recently been spending a lot of time with a person who is extremely important to me. G Flip is the name of this person. In recognition of their gender nonconformity, they prefer to be referred to as either they or they “People quoted her as saying. “As well as being an incredibly gifted musician.”

The two appeared to have met while working on a music video together “Because I was supposed to be in their video, it all began. A love story gone awry is the subject matter. My background is in soap operas, and I enjoy taking on new roles. And because of the nature of our work, I’m not always able to do it. Initially, I thought, “Yes, let’s do that.” “In Chrishell’s words:

“We had a great day and it was a lot of fun. In my opinion, though, it’s a fantastic idea. It’s great, and so is the music, in my opinion.”

“Get Me Outta Here” was released on May 12th, and Chrishell gave G Flip a new thigh tattoo in commemoration of the release of the music video.

Chrishell Has The Full Support Of G Flip And Jason

During Sunday night’s MTV Awards, G Flip, Chrishell, and Jason had the most adorable moment. Chrishell, who won best reality star, had a great night. Chrishell kissed G Flip as a token of her happiness before rose to give Jason a bear hug.

Chrishell then thanked her followers for their support after coming out in her acceptance speech. It was before I had stated anything about my sexuality that anyone had told me about this nomination,” Chrishell added. Because I was unsure of how the voting would go, “I’m not trying to get too deep with you guys, but the fact that this was voted on after” means so much to me.

Selling Sunset took home the prize for a best docu-reality show later in the evening. Before Chrishell made eye contact with the camera and said, “What is happening?” as the cast applauded, G Flip, Jason, and Chrishell shared a massive hug.

They had recently received another award, so she was most likely referring to that. But the sincerity of the occasion had many admirers wondering what she was alluding to.

Chrishell Has The Full Support Of G Flip And Jason
Chrishell Has The Full Support Of G Flip And Jason

Has Jason Found Love Again?

While he’s still nursing his broken heart from his split from Chrishell, Jason appears to be enjoying the single life. It’s all right! It was just a few days old at the time.

So, Why Did They Break Up?

People reported that Chrishell and Jason had broken up because they couldn’t agree on the best manner to start a family. Crishell is ready to start a family, but Jason isn’t.

He’s pleased of me and we love each other a lot, she says in the interview. No amount of rationalisation will help you solve this situation. Basically, “It’s just what it is.” The couple’s relationship is something Chrishell is “very proud of,” she said. “I think that we entered and left it with so much respect and love for one other. “

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