Convoytrucks Of The Russian Armed Forces Are Being Armed With Logs

Inventive ideas are often spawned from a pressing need.

When Russian convoys find themselves in the unfriendly areas in Ukraine, they’ve come up with an unusual approach to protect their trucks, according to TheOsintBunker’s co-host and editor on Saturday. Wooden logs are being used to protect their convoy trucks.

Using wood logs as a last resort saved the day.

These Russian KAMAZ trucks have many logs carefully positioned on their front bumpers to shield them from incoming attacks, as shown in the photographs posted on Twitter. The Russian-made “V” insignia are carved into the logs to give them their characteristic look.

There is a good chance that the trees behind the trucks were cut down to make way for the logs. It’s unclear what they’re there for because no one has spoken to the engineers who built the wooden barricades, but it’s likely that they’re there to shield the radiators of the trucks from small-arms flames.

In order to protect themselves against Ukrainian ambushes, Russian vehicle personnel can’t risk having their engines overheat and shut down. There were also some trucks with scrap metal armaments.

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What Are These Vehicles Carrying?

More troops, food, and water are all delivered to the front lines by Russian convoy trucks. It appears that the trucks in recent photos have PMP pontoon bridge parts on board. These are some of the most sought-after targets by the Ukrainian military since they are critical to impeding Russian operations in their nation.

One thing is certain: Russian soldiers’ supply lines become more complicated and risky the farther they go into Ukrainian territory. Even road signs have been altered to confuse invading forces, sending them on wild pursuits and into precisely staged ambushes.

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