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Corrections Policy

Corrections Policy

Even when due diligence procedures are followed, mistakes can and do happen in journalism. When they are brought to our attention at Pop Top News, we do not hesitate to acknowledge them and answer.

The Pop Top News Fact Check fixes mistakes as soon as possible and in a very clear way. If the change is easy, we’ll make the change within 24 hours of being told about it. But if the correction needs more research or talking to people to find out what they think, it could take up to 72 hours. We love hearing from our readers, and you can leave comments at the end of each story, video, or post. You can also email to ask for a story to be changed or updated.

Pop Top News also keeps an eye on its large presence on social media sites, and we welcome our readers’ feedback and criticism.

If there is a major correction or change that affects the rating of a news story, it will be marked with the word “Correction” at the top, and we will explain what changed and why it was necessary. This makes the history of every correction clear and easy to understand.

If new information comes out after a story is published that adds a lot to the story but doesn’t change the rating, it is marked as “Update” at the end of the article.

Editors usually don’t note corrections to typos, misspellings, grammar mistakes, or small changes that they don’t think are important.



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