Cuba Gooding Jr Net Worth 2022: No Jail Time For Cuba Gooding Jr In Harassment Case

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was born in the United States. Following a fruitful and lengthy acting career, Cuba Gooding Jr. has become a household name. Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon him for his many acting roles. Cuba Gooding Jr. can act in both funny and dramatic roles, proving his versatility as an actor.

Early Life

On January 2, 1968, in The Bronx, New York, the world was introduced to Mark Gooding, Jr. Both of his parents were musicians; his dad sang in the band The Main Ingredient. After his father found fame with his song “Everybody Plays the Fool,” the family moved to Los Angeles. Gooding’s mother was responsible for raising him when his father abandoned the household. At the age of thirteen, he experienced what is known as “the born again” spiritual awakening. Gooding changed high schools four times while he was a teenager.


Cuba Gooding Jr.’s initial career breakthrough came as a professional breakdancer; he even showed off his skills during the 1984 Summer Olympics’ closing ceremony. He spent three years after high school learning martial arts, but by the late ’80s, he had shifted his concentration to acting. His early acting gigs were on shows like Hill Street Blues, Amen, and MacGyver. In the same time frame, his early film appearance in Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America made headlines.

In 1991’s Boyz n the Hood, he played a role that catapulted him to stardom. The picture starred Gooding, and it did well at the box office and with critics. In addition, the film’s cultural significance, particularly for African Americans in low-income communities, became widely acknowledged years after its first release.

Gooding followed up this triumph with further supporting roles throughout the rest of the 1990s in movies including A Few Good Men, Lightning Jack, and Outbreak. Booking a key role in Jerry Maguire was a turning point in his career. He co-starred with Tom Cruise and was honored with a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

As Good as It Gets was the final film of the 1990s, and it marked another remarkable performance by Cuba Gooding Jr. The film got two Oscar nominations, and Gooding’s supporting performance was praised by reviewers. Gooding’s career began to decline around the end of the 1990s, despite the fact that he had already accomplished more than most actors could hope for at that point.

Gooding kept showing up in great movies like Instinct and What Dreams May Come, but he also started doing some really bad movies like Chill Factor. Upon its release, this picture and many others like it were panned by critics and bombed at the box office. Gooding’s career has been a series of ups and downs, with each major success like his part in Men of Honor being counterbalanced by a monumental flop like his work on Boat Trip. Also, read about Jeff Probst

During this time period, Gooding starred in a number of critically acclaimed films, including Pearl Harbor, Radio, The Fighting Temptations, and Rat Race. There was a lot of money made from these starring roles. Unfortunately, most of these movies were met with lukewarm negative reviews. The attack on Pearl Harbor in particular came under heavy attack. This demonstrates that even Gooding’s supposedly most successful films from this time period are not deserving of the label.

Gooding also began to voice characters in animated features and family films like “Home on the Range” and “Snow Dogs.” Gooding may have been attempting to appear more “family-friendly” with these jobs, but they ended up being detrimental to his career. Both movies were bombed at the box office and by critics. In particular, Snow Dogs was panned by critics.

It didn’t get much better for Gooding with the reviews for Daddy Day Camp and Norbit. The harm to his career had already been done, even though both movies were financially successful.

To avoid constant criticism, Cuba Gooding Jr. shifted his concentration to smaller projects. TV movies like “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” and “Shadowboxer” were among these. Critical acclaim greeted his turn in the latter film. Other films in which he appeared include American Gangster (2007) and Red Tails (2012), both directed by George Lucas. In 2013, he scored a small role in Machete Kills and continued his streak of grim historical dramas with The Butler.

After making his Broadway debut in The Trip to Bountiful, Gooding starred in another historical drama, Selma, in which he played the role of Fred Gray, a prominent attorney in the Civil Rights movement. Next, he continued this line of thought by making an appearance in the related miniseries, The Book of Negroes.

Cuba Gooding Jr

Gooding’s career was on the upswing again by the time he was cast as O.J. Simpson in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Gooding had successfully thrust himself back into the spotlight despite widespread critical acclaim for the film’s failure and was so honored with a Primetime Emmy. His debut feature film, Bayou Caviar, was directed by Cuba Gooding Jr. in 2018.

Highlights of the Salary

He made $600,000 for his appearance in Jerry Maguire, for which he won an Academy Award. Two of his films, What Dreams May Come and Men of Honor, each brought about $1.5 million in salary. His salary from Instinct was $2 million. Also, read about Eric Andre


As of the year 2019, Cuba Gooding Jr. has been charged with sexual abuse stemming from an event that took place in New York City’s Times Square. Some women at the bar felt harassed by Gooding, and he allegedly touched one of them. Since this set off a domino effect, Gooding has been arrested on several counts of sexual abuse.

By the end of the investigation, 22 women had accused Gooding of sexual misconduct. As a result of three of the allegations, he was formally charged. From the beginning, he maintained his not-guilty plea.

After an incident at a New York City nightclub in 2018, Cuba pleaded guilty in April 2022 to one count of forcible touching. Gooding has agreed to continue the alcohol and behavior treatment he began in 2019 for a total of six months as part of a plea deal. It’s possible that he’ll go to prison for a year if he doesn’t finish therapy or if he gets arrested during the probationary term.

Personal Life

Sara Kapfer was Cuba Gooding’s high school sweetheart, and the two were married in 1994. Together they had three children during the course of their partnership before Kapfer filed for formal separation in 2014. Their separation was formalized after three years.

Cuba Goodling Jr Won’t Serve Jail Time In Harassment Case

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr.’s forced touching case in New York City was dismissed Thursday after he pled guilty to a lesser misdemeanor and fulfilled the conditions of a conditional plea agreement made in April.

After six months of sobriety and behavior modification therapy, prosecutor Coleen Balbert said Gooding could withdraw his misdemeanor plea and enter a guilty plea to the harassing charge.

Balbert claimed that Gooding’s therapist has given her “good reports for the last six months.” Balbert claims the actor’s commitment to treatment extends beyond the terms of his plea agreement.

By changing his misdemeanor plea to a noncriminal infraction, Cuba Gooding, 54, would avoid further sanctions and avoid having a criminal record. Gooding could have spent up to a year in prison if he had broken the terms of his plea agreement.

Cuba Gooding Jr Net Worth

Cuba Gooding Jr Net Worth is estimated to be around $12 Million in 2022. For many years, Cuba has owned a number of buildings in the Los Angeles area. His Studio City, California mansion went for $1.4 million in 2009.

He made $735,000 on the sale of a Porter Ranch, California, property in 2013. In the same year (2013), he put up for sale a massive Pacific Palisades mansion for $11.995 million. In May of 2000, Cuba and Sara paid $3.5 million for their home. Eventually selling for $9.8 million after being on the market for a year.

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