Dakota Johnson Dating: Is She Dating Since 2017?

Dakota Johnson Dating: Is She Dating Since 2017? Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have been dating since the beginning of 2017, however they often keep quiet about their relationship in interviews. The Coldplay musician, 44, and the “Fifty Shades” actress, 32, revealed their relationship in the February issue of Elle UK, even if they like to keep it low-key.

After a few years of dating, “we go out on the occasional date, but we both work so much that it’s wonderful to stay at home where we can be snug and private.” Johnson went on to say that the two enjoy spending time with their pals away from the spotlight. Most of the festivities take place in her residence, according to her.

Johnson stated earlier in the interview that she had no idea where she got her love of peace and tranquilly from. “My parents, on the other hand, are… Actor Melanie Griffith and her father, former “Miami Vice” star Joe Pantoliano, “were wild when I was growing up,” she remarked, referring to her parents. “I don’t think I get it from them, they were wild when I was growing up.” “Don Johnson plays the lead role.

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“I suppose I’m a little on the defensive,” she said. “And it’s calming,” he adds. Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin’s ex-wife, is one of Johnson’s ardent admirers. In Harper’s Bazaar’s February 2020 issue, the 49-year-old Oscar winner and founder of Goop spoke candidly about her relationship with Johnson. Paltrow gushed about Johnson, saying, “I love her.”

“Being out of the ordinary, it’s understandable that people would find it strange. However, after going through it several times, I’ve decided that I adore her “she threw in another point.It wasn’t until October 2017 that Johnson was first linked to Martin, more than three years after Paltrow and Martin “consciously uncoupled.”

In March of 2020, Johnson and Martin collaborated on a funny hand-washing tutorial despite the fact that they try to keep their relationship out of the public eye as much as possible.

Olivia Wilde, a Hollywood celebrity and friend of Johnson’s, posted the sarcastic video on her Instagram account. It starts with a shot of Johnson posing at a sink, preparing to give a demonstration on the correct way to wash one’s face.

“Olivia! Hey! It’s Dakota! Because I’ve spent my entire life anticipating the day when someone would ask me to describe how I wash my hands, I want to express my gratitude to you for making this request “Johnson makes a joke as she goes through a series of hand movements that are too dramatic.

But as Johnson proceeds to lead viewers through the steps of her sudsy regimen, it becomes clear that her frantically gesticulating hands — which are dotted in little, easily recognised tattoos — are actually the hands of a man — more specifically, Martin’s hands.

Dakota Johnson Dating Chris Martin
Dakota Johnson Dating Chris Martin

While Johnson amusingly narrates, Martin’s hands continue to do their own thing, grabbing the sink faucet and anything else is nearby.

“I like to scrub them really, really fast, but I like to lower them a little bit because sometimes I hit myself in the face,” says Johnson as Martin’s soapy hands venture too close to her mouth. “I like to lower them a little bit because sometimes I hit myself in the face,” Johnson says. “I like to scrub them really, really fast.”

By the time the film comes to a close, Johnson (along with her sink) has been doused with a significant amount of soapy water as a direct result of Martin’s mischievous antics.

The adorable video was annotated by Wilde with the phrase “Dakota Johnson: Hand wash CHAMPION.”

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