David Beckham Cheat: Is The Allegations False?

David Beckham Cheat: Is The Allegations False? We take a look back at David’s alleged affair with Rebecca Loos as the couple denies the latest allegations of cheating and rumors that they are divorcing.

What could possibly go wrong when the most famous soccer player in the world marries the most famous pop singer in the world? David and Victoria Beckham have been married since 1999, but their relationship has been rocked by rumors of extramarital relationships almost continuously since then.

The most well-known of these rumors concern the alleged affair that took place between David and his former secretary, Rebecca Loos.
And it appears that a fresh round of cheating charges could hit the Beckhams, as Twitter was ablaze with rumors of adultery and an expected Beckham divorce this weekend. And it seems that this new spate of cheating accusations could hit the Beckhams.

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Since then, Victoria, 44, and David, 43, have issued a statement in which they refute the newly circulated rumors and refer to them as “false news.”In 2003, when Rebecca Loos famously claimed she had an affair with the soccer champion, David and Victoria penned similar statements defending their relationship. This is why you may be having a sense of déjà vu. David and Victoria have written similar statements defending their relationship in 2003.

Rebecca Loos, David’s Claimed Mistress.

During the 2003 season, David was at the peak of his career as an NFL player. It had been revealed that Manchester United had sold the England captain to Real Madrid for a record amount. The Beckhams were about to get a rude awakening, even if their son’s star had never been higher.
David was seen in a Madrid nightclub with a woman in September of that year.

Rebecca Loos, his assistant, was later identified as the woman. According to rumours, David and Victoria Beckham’s marriage was on the verge of breaking up, which David denies. According to “a source,” David and Loos had multiple sexual encounters following their night out at the club in the now-defunct News of the World. They also claimed that the two exchanged raunchy communications. According to the story, Victoria warned the assistant to keep away.

The Statement Made By Rebecca Loos’s Brother

He then claimed that his sister had confessed to him that she had an affair with David in Spain, surprising the British tabloids.
“This morning, Rebecca called her parents. I’m in a state of complete disbelief “John Charles Loos, Loos’ brother, said this to the Daily Mail in April 2004, according to the newspaper.

“When Victoria and David split ways with Rebecca last year, she was devastated. She felt depressed and wept frequently. She had a sad look on her face at times. I figured it had something to do with my job. There must have been something more going on, though.”

Amidst reports of David’s infidelity, Victoria reportedly packed up their two children and travelled to Switzerland, where David was supposed to meet them from Madrid. According to the family’s spokespeople, the trip was a long-planned vacation and not an attempt to avoid the media.

The Statement Made By Rebecca Loos's Brother
The Statement Made By Rebecca Loos’s Brother

Allegations Of An Affair: David’s Statement

David issued a statement in reaction to Loos’ brother’s criticism.
My private life has become the subject of more and more ridiculous stories over the past few months, it stated.
“This morning’s appearance is just one more example. The basic fact of the matter is that I am a very content wife. It is a blessing to have a loving wife and two great children. Third parties have no power to alter these realities.”

Suing The Beckhams

It was only natural for the soccer player’s wife to seek legal counsel after months of rumours about his extramarital affairs.
Following the publication of an article stating that David had an affair with Danielle Heath, they filed a lawsuit against the News of the World in 2004.
In 2005, the Beckhams modified their case to include a second report by the publication that featured remarks from the couple’s former nanny Abbie Gibson, who claimed that the Beckham marriage was a hoax. Additionally, the family sued the nanny for violating their privacy.
The Beckhams issued a statement saying, “We are sick and weary of individuals trying to earn money at the expense of our family.”

Rebecca Loos Has Vanished Without A Trace

Rebecca Loos has entirely remade her life fourteen years after the alleged affair with David Beckham.
Loos went on to star in a number of reality TV series after being fired from her role at Real Madrid.
Sven Christjar Skaiaa, a medical adviser who worked on one of the programmes she appeared on, later became her boyfriend.

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