David Cassidy Cause Of Death: Did He Lie About His Disease Before Death?

A new documentary says that David Cassidy, a singer who died at age 67 in November, said that his collapse onstage in February 2017 was caused by Alzheimer’s disease. However, he actually died of organ failure caused by alcoholism.

Who Was David Cassidy?

David Bruce Cassidy was an actor, singer, guitarist, and songwriter from the United States. In the 1970s musical sitcom The Partridge Family, he was best known for playing Keith Partridge, the son of Shirley Partridge, who was played by his stepmother, Shirley Jones. Cassidy became a teen idol and a superstar pop singer in the 1970s because of this role.

Cassidy was born in New York City at Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital. His parents, singer and actor Jack Cassidy and actress Evelyn Ward were also in the entertainment business.

His father was half Irish and half German. His mother was mostly of Colonial American ancestry, but she also had some Irish and Swiss roots. His mother’s ancestors were some of the first people to settle in Newark, New Jersey. Since his parents were often on tour, he was raised by his mother’s parents in a middle-class neighborhood in West Orange, New Jersey, when he was young.

In 1956, he learned from the children of his neighbors that his parents had been divorced for more than two years but had not told him. Kay Lenz, an actress, was Cassidy’s first wife. They got married on April 3, 1977, and got a divorce on December 28, 1983. In 1984, Cassidy married Meryl Tanz, who raised horses. They met in 1974 in Lexington, Kentucky, at a horse sale. In 1988, this couple got a divorce. Katie Cassidy, an actress, was born in 1986 after Cassidy had an affair with fashion model Sherry Williams.

Katie was raised by her mother and her stepfather, Richard Benedon after David and Williams broke up. David talked about how he wasn’t in Katie’s life anymore. In February 2017, he said, “She and I have never been together. I’m not her dad. Even though I was her real father, I didn’t raise her. Her life is very different from mine. I’m pleased with her. She has a lot of skills. I still can’t believe how old she is now.”

David Cassidy

On March 30, 1991, Cassidy married Sue Shifrin. It was Shifrin’s second marriage and Cassidy’s third. In 1991, they had one child, Beau. In August 2013, Cassidy’s publicist in Los Angeles confirmed that the couple had split up. In February 2014, Shifrin filed for divorce.

David Cassidy Cause Of Death

In 2008, Cassidy said in public that he had a problem with alcohol.  On February 20, 2017, after a show in Agoura Hills, California, where he had trouble remembering the words to songs he had been singing for nearly 50 years and looked like he was going to fall off the stage, Cassidy said he had dementia and would no longer be performing. Also, read about Dusty Hill Death

He said that both his mother and grandfather had dementia at the end of their lives, and that “a part of me always knew this would happen.” In the fall of 2017, Cassidy got sick at a recording studio and had to go to the hospital. In a later phone call with an A&E producer, he said he had just seen his doctor, who told him he had liver disease and that his life had “changed dramatically.” Also, read about Huey Haha Death

Cassidy also said that for the first few days after the accident, he was unconscious and close to dying, but that his memory had come back. Cassidy also said, “There’s no sign of dementia at this point in my life.” He also said, “It was complete alcohol poisoning, and I lied about how much I drank.” Cassidy said, “Man, I did it to myself, you know. I did it to myself to hide how sad and lonely I felt.” Cassidy told his family and some other people that he had stopped drinking.

On November 18, 2017, Cassidy was taken to the hospital because her liver and kidneys were failing. She was very sick and put into a coma by doctors.

He came out of the coma two days later, but his health is still very bad but stable. Doctors hoped to keep Cassidy stable until a donor’s liver became available, but on November 21, 2017, at the age of 67, he died of liver failure. Katie Cassidy, his daughter, says that the last thing he said was “So much wasted time.”

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