DC Young Fly Net Worth: How Many Kids Does He Have With Jacky Oh?

D.C. Young Fly performs music, comedy, and acting. D.C. Young Fly first became well-known for his humorous videos on the social media sites Instagram and Vine. After appearing as a cast member on the improv comedy game program “Wild ‘n Out,” he went on to become well-known as a musician.

D.C. Young Fly has also made appearances in a few movies, including the 2023 remake of “House Party” and the stoner comedy sequel “How High 2.”

DC Young Fly Net Worth

DC Young Fly Net Worth is $2 Million currently. The youngest of seven children, John Richard Whitfield, as D.C. Young Fly, was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 2, 1992. Growing up, he was a natural performer who participated in his church choir and played the class clown.

Whitfield, however, also encountered significant difficulties due to his drug dealing and other criminal activities during his high school years. He was detained on suspicion of assault and robbery among other things.

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DC Young Fly’s Starting Of Career

When Whitfield started uploading comedic videos to the video-sharing website Vine in 2013, he started gaining more broad recognition. After the app was removed, he switched to Instagram and started producing videos in which he roasts other celebrities. These videos quickly attracted the attention of well-known figures like LeBron James and Kevin Hart.

Personal Life Of DC Young Fly: How Did His Wife Jacky Oh Die?

D.C. Young Fly and Jacky Oh, his girlfriend have 3 children together. They Have 2 daughters named Nova and Nala, and 1 son named Prince.

Personal Life Of DC Young Fly: How Did His Wife Jacky Oh Die?

Alumni of Wild ‘n Out Ms. Jacky Oh (born Jacklyn Smith) was a powerful woman with a long list of accomplishments, including being a proud mother bear. The deceased woman, 32, welcomed all of her children with her longterm partner, 31-year-old D.C.

Jacky Oh’s death was reported by TMZ on June 1, 2023. Although the official cause of death has not been made public, the tabloid claimed that she was in Miami at the time for a “mommy makeover.”

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