Death Altar And Filthy Shed Were The Home Of The Missing Texas Boy

According to media sources, a Texas youngster who went missing and was the subject of an Amber Alert about a week ago was residing in a squalid shanty that had an altar to death.

Fox station in Dallas was given video of the squalor, which shows a shed stuffed with food, personal items, and two mattresses where nine people, including 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, lived.

There is an altar to Santa Muerte, often known as Saint Death, a female cult figure who represents death in Mexico, inside the shed in Everman, Texas where the youngster was last seen.

The Catholic Church has condemned Santa Muerte, but it has gained favor recently, notably among members of the Gulf, Sinaloa, and Juarez criminal cartels, according to the DEA.

Drug traffickers are drawn to the statue’s connotation of personal empowerment and horror, which is represented by it holding a globe in one hand and a diamond sickle in the other, according to the agency.

Last week, investigators carrying documents and other pieces of evidence were observed arriving and departing from the shed, including the FBI, which was called to assist local authorities in the little community south of Fort Worth.

Noel’s family tipped off police and child protective services that they hadn’t seen the boy in months; the boy is described as having physical and developmental issues. On Saturday, an Amber Alert was issued for Noel. It’s thought that his mother departed the country.

According to Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer, “He was born at 25 weeks, therefore he has a number of physical abnormalities and developmental issues.”

He has a chronic lung condition and a social issue, both of which have caused him to occasionally need oxygen.

Police and child protective services called the boys’ mother Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, 37, before the Amber Alert was sent out.

She informed authorities that Noel was in Mexico visiting his biological father when she was questioned about his whereabouts.

Authorities eventually discovered that the boy’s father had been deported from the US before the boy was even born, therefore he had never met the boy.

Investigators discovered the youngsters had been expelled from school when they attempted to contact Noel’s siblings.

Rodriguez-Singh boarded a plane with her six children and their stepfather before officials could get in touch with her again.

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According to the Everman police, Noel was not aboard the airplane.

Police think they took a plane to Turkey before continuing on to India, the country of Rodriguez-now Singh’s husband.

Charles Parson’s 71-year-old house is nestled behind the dirty shed.

He claimed to have met Rodriguez-Singh in a grocery shop over ten years ago and given the single mother two extra rooms in his house because she was “going through a hard period.”

She eventually relocated into the shed as she grew to have ten children in total.

Police have a warrant out for Rodriguez-arrest Singh’s and intend to prosecute her with making false allegations about a missing person to a police officer as well as violating her probation in a separate case.

She has a “extensive criminal background,” according to the police, who also revealed that she was the focus of an earlier Child Protection Services investigation.

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