Detroit Lions Pick Bijan Robinson, Star Running Back From Texas, Is Featured In The Most Recent Todd Mcshay ESPN NFL Mock Draft

Bijan Robinson, a talented running back for the Texas Longhorns, has yet another new destination in the most recent NFL mock draft.

Only this time, it comes from Todd McShay of ESPN, one of the foremost authorities on all things NFL Draft.

The Detroit Lions are predicted to select Robinson with the 18th overall choice in the first round in McShay’s most recent two-round mock draft for ESPN, which was published on Tuesday.

Robinson’s addition to that young and talented offensive lineup would have the potential to be something exceptional, especially given the Lions’ scorching-hot 2022 season finale.

Of course, the Lions ended the 2022 season fourth in the NFL in terms of yards per game (380.0) and sixth in terms of points scored (26.6 points per game). They were seventh in passing and ranked 11th in running in the league.

But, with Jamaal Williams’ departure and D’Andre Swift’s durability questions, their rushing attack will still be in turmoil, making it possible for Robinson to almost instantly carve himself a nice role.

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As McShay points out, it is possible that the addition of David Montgomery will have an impact on the rushing attack as well.

Although Robinson would be viewed as the team’s future runner in this situation, popular wisdom would also imply that Montgomery would be best used as a change of pace.

Despite all of this, it is also a strong potential that Robinson is gone before Detroit begins its clock or that the Lions decide not to select a running back at all.

Considering that Saquon Barkley went No. 2 overall in 2018, as McShay points out, Robinson being taken at No. 18 would represent the highest a back has been drafted since then.

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