Did Magic Johnson Cheat On His Wife: Why Hiv Paitent Said “i Put It In The Lord’s Hands”

The couple Cookie Johnson and Magic Johnson is one of the most well-known in the National Basketball Association (NBA). lets discuss Did Magic Johnson Cheat On His Wife: Because of his legendary basketball career and magnetic personality, everyone adores Magic, and it is impossible to overstate the importance of his contribution to the Lakers’ dynasty. HBO’s “Winning Time,” a miniseries about the Showtime era of the Los Angeles Lakers, gives his time with the team a significant amount of screen time in the show.

Who is Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is the nickname of American basketball star Earvin Johnson, Jr., born on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan, United States. Johnson is best known for his five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Because of his imaginative and entertaining ballhandling in high school, Johnson became known as “Magic,” even though his father was an autoworker. He was a fierce competitor who led his high school team to a state championship in 1977 and led Michigan State University to the National Collegiate Athletic Association championship in 1979, handing Larry Bird and Indiana State its only defeat of that season.

Both of these accomplishments came during his time as a head coach at Michigan State University. After finishing his second year at Michigan State, Johnson decided to pursue a career in professional basketball. He was chosen first overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1979 NBA draught.

Did Magic Johnson Cheat On His Wife: “I Put It In The Lord’s Hands”

When asked what it takes to have a happy and long marriage, many married couples will respond with communication, patience, and faith. And this is not an exception for the celebrity power couple consisting of Earvin “Magic” Johnson and his wife, Cookie. The stunning couple just celebrated the milestone of 30 years of marriage.

In an Instagram post, Cookie Johnson remarked on her relationship with her husband, “Ours is an undying love that is hard to describe but is uniquely ours because God is all in it and I love every minute of it.”
Mr. Johnson also shared his own sincere statement on the website, in which he revealed that he had known within three months of meeting Cookie that he would marry her.

The couple Cookie Johnson and Magic Johnson is one of the most well-known in the National Basketball Association (NBA). lets discussed Did Magic Johnson Cheat On His Wife:


“After three months of dating, I told you and my parents that I was going to marry you,” he said in the letter. “I told you after three months of dating that you were going to be the one I was going to marry.” “And marrying you was, without a doubt, one of the wisest choices I’ve ever been able to make.

It has been a privilege to bear witness to the work you have done as a mother and now as a grandma; I am so pleased to call you my wife. I am excited about the many more years that we will spend together. I adore you with all my heart… Best wishes for the anniversary!”

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Magic Johnson had HIV life

The Johnsons’ difficult journey down the aisle in 1991 was just the beginning. Their lives were turned upside down 45 days after their wedding. Magic Johnson disclosed to his wife, Cookie Johnson, that he has been diagnosed with HIV. After being forced to retire from basketball due to a mysterious illness, his main concern was for his wife.

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was get in the car and drive home to tell her. We had just been married and now this comes up,” Magic recounted to ABC News. And the family still had more upheaval in store: And we recently learned that I was pregnant,” Cookie continued.

Due of the widespread stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV at the time, Magic was convinced that his wife would leave him. He informed her that if she did, he would “understand.” Cookie was always there for her hubby. After they both broke down in tears, she told him they would “fight” together. She referred to it as “spiritual warfare” in an interview with Oprah Winfrey and ultimately made the decision to put her confidence in God.

Cookie Johnson and Magic Johnson love at school

Earleatha “Cookie” Johnson and Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Kelly and her future husband met each other at MSU. Cookie told Mocha Man Style that she and another first-year student met at a campus bar one night. “The lights came up and I happened to be walking by where he was sitting and I said it was lovely to meet you,” she recalled. “I was like, “Wait, what?” when he responded, “Yeah, by the way, give me your number.” Because he did not interact with me at all last night. In other words, it was hilarious.”

Although she eventually gave the college basketball player her number, Cookie admitted she was first hesitant to do so out of concern that he wouldn’t bother to keep in touch. After some convincing, she agreed to a date at a steakhouse with him. Things got off to a terrific start, but problems quickly emerged.

Three months into their relationship, Cookie writes in her biography “Believing in Magic,” she and Magic broke up because she discovered another woman in Magic’s next room wearing his bathrobe. But unfortunately for Cookie, things between the two “college sweethearts” never improved.

Magic Johnson’s first child with another woman

In 1979, Magic Johnson debuted in the National Basketball Association. The Los Angeles Lakers had great hopes for their new star after selecting him with the first overall pick in the NBA. While he was lighting up the NBA with his spectacular skills and laid-back attitude, things were also shifting in his personal life. Magic’s first child with Melissa Mitchell was born in 1981; his name was Andre Johnson. He allegedly dated her during one of his many splits with Cookie Kelly.

Mitchell brought Andre up in Michigan, but Magic “never neglected him,” and the two have a “strong relationship,” as reported by ESPN.com. Andre used to see the sporting legend every summer. Andre and Cookie get along famously from all the pictures they’ve posted together online.

The eldest son of Magic is married to Lisa Johnson, formerly Meyers, and they have two children together. Magic has posted several adorable photos of himself and Cookie with Andre’s children, including one from the first day of school in which he proclaimed himself to be “one proud grandfather.”

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