Did Tiki Cheat On His Wife: Why Traci Lynn Johnson Divorced Him

The romantic background of Tiki. Before they got married, let’s see Did Tiki Cheat On His Wife: the former NFL star was embroiled in a highly publicized custody battle with his ex-wife. Since then, Traci has publicly defended her marriage and stated that she and Tiki are doing very well in their relationship. Who exactly is Tiki’s ex-wife, and what exactly precipitated the end of their marriage?

Who Is Tiki Barber?

Tiki is a former running back with the American football team. He spent ten years playing with the New York Giants, who are a franchise in the National Football League (NFL). Football was another sport that Tiki Barber competed in for the University of Virginia. The Giants selected tiki in the second round of the 1997 NFL Draft, and he remained with the team throughout his entire career as a professional football player. Tiki Barber is a famous American football player who was born in Roanoke, Virginia, on April 7, 1975. His birthday is April 7.

What Is Tiki Barber Doing Now

Alongside Brandon Tierney, Tiki presently holds a position as a radio host at CBS Sports Radio. They are the hosts of a national show called Tiki & Tierney, which airs daily afternoons from 3 to 6 p.m. (EST). Following the conclusion of the postseason in 2006, Barber retired from the National Football League as the Giants’ all-time top rusher and receiver. Barber was honored with induction into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in the year 2011.

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Did Tiki Cheat On His Wife

During his time playing college football at the University of Virginia, Tiki made the acquaintance of his first wife, Ginny Cha, a fashion publicist. They had been seeing each other for a number of years before to their wedding in 1999. They became parents for the first time in 2002 to a son whom they called Atiim Kiambu Jr. The couple welcomed their second child, a son named Chase, exactly two years later, making them a family of four.

During their marriage, it appeared that the couple enjoyed being together. According to IMDb, Ginny appeared alongside Tiki in an episode of Celebrity Family Feud in the year 2008. By 2010, they announced that they were expecting once more. However, this time around, Ginny became pregnant with a pair of twins.

The Daily Mail reports that Tiki ended his relationship with Ginny while she was pregnant with their twins. He stated in a statement that the former spouses would continue to co-parent their children, but he did not elaborate on the reasons for the divorce.

Did Tiki Cheat On His Wife

According to the New York Post, he was quoted as saying at the time that in his statement at the time, “After 11 years of marriage, Ginny and I have decided to separate.” “This decision was difficult, but we are moving forward amicably and will continue to work together to raise our children with the love and dedication they have always known,” she said. “This decision was a painful one.”

Ginny reportedly demanded the commentator pay $150,000 a month in child support and alimony after he made the official announcement regarding their breakup. He stated that he could not pay this amount because he could not afford it. On the other hand, it appears that Ginny has moved on after the divorce. She goes by the name Ginny Cha Hoffman, despite the fact that her Instagram page is set to private, which suggests that she is likely remarried to the unknown man in her profile picture.

How did Tiki Barber and Traci Lynn Johnson meet?

Although Tiki did not immediately make the specifics of his divorce from Ginny public, it was not long before rumours began to circulate that his affair with Traci was responsible in some way for the dissolution of his marriage. During the course of her internship at NBC in 2010, the correspondent met the woman who would later become his wife. After Tiki’s retirement from the Giants in 2006, he began working for the network shortly thereafter.

Traci and Tiki have maintained that their friendship did not develop into a love connection until after he and Ginny broke up. Following more than two years of marriage counselling, the athlete stated, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, that he proposed the idea of getting a divorce to his then-wife in 2009.

Tiki married Traci at the New York City Clerk’s office in July of the same year, 2012, after completing the final steps of his divorce with Ginny. After thereafter, in 2013, they became parents to Brooklyn, and in 2016, they welcomed Teagan. Despite this, the commotion around Tiki and Traci’s relationship history has continued to haunt them many years later.

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