DJ Akademiks Net Worth 2022: DJ Akademiks Talks About Video of Fight With His Girlfriend

DJ Akademiks is a rapper, DJ, YouTuber, and social media figure from the United States. He has Jamaican ancestry. He is well known for covering current rumors and for his funny analyses of the most recent hip-hop news. DJ co-hosts the web series Everyday Struggle on the Complex News YouTube channel.

Early Life

In 2021, DJ Akademiks will turn 30. On May 17, 1991, he was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. The child who goes by the name Livingston Allen was noted as being reticent and shy. There is little to no information available on DJ Akademiks’ siblings, parents, or their line of work. He was raised in a Spanish town, yet he later relocated to the US to advance his profession.

Regarding his education, DJ Akademiks graduated from a local high school in his hometown before deciding to pursue biomathematics at Rutgers University. He completed his studies successfully and is currently stationed in New Jersey, USA. At an early age, DJ Akademiks became interested in music and started listening to hip-hop after school. When he first started college, he balanced both his education and his job as a DJ.

He also started the hip-hop and celebrity news website Late Night Creep. Additionally, DJ Akademiks worked as a DJ for the Rutgers University-run radio station.


DJing was how Akademiks got his start in the business. He had worked as a DJ for the campus radio station as his first job. Later, through performing at neighborhood get-togethers and barbecues, he became a well-known DJ. Later, while still a student, he launched “Late Night Creep,” a hip-hop blog that focused on the most recent hip-hop rumors and gossip.

In October 2012, he started a YouTube channel where he shares humorous news stories and social comments. At that time, he had amassed more than 328K members and more than 135 million views. More than 11 million people watched “Suge Knight Faints After Bail,” his most well-liked video. On July 11, 2015, he launched his main YouTube channel.

At the time of writing, his YouTube channel had more than 2.41 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views. Also, read about Cuba Gooding Jr

In 2017, he discussed claims of sexual misconduct with the artist 6ix9ine. His interview has received 4.7 million views. Other well-known personalities that Akademiks has covered in his channels include Gucci Mane, The Game, Charlamagne Tha God, Stitches, and Kodak Black. He is also well known for co-hosting the program “Everyday Struggle” alongside Nadeska and Wayno.

DJ Akademiks

Another component of Akademiks’ appeal is rap music. Lil AK is his stage name when he performs rap music. In April 2018, he made available his first song, “Blues Clues.” As of right now, the music video for the song has received over 2.8 million views.

In May 2018, he also made available a song titled “Triggers.” Three months later, he produced the remix of Lil Blurry’s single “Now I Made It.” “8/3 Akademiks,” a new podcast for academics, has recently garnered media attention. He published a synopsis of the podcast’s first episode, which included 6ix9ine and Wack 100 as guests, on July 30, 2021. Wack 100 was able to meet 6ix9ine in July thanks to his participation in the Akademiks podcast. The three-hour podcast is planned for release on August 3.

Personal Life

DJ Akademiks’ relationship status indicates that he is not presently committed to anyone. Despite the fact that he had dated popular Dominican Republic model Angelica Ggx.
The two broke up in 2018 when Angelica accused DJ of being aggressive, unfaithful, and a womanizer who would make women inebriated to entice them.


He also makes money through events, live performances, and brand sponsorships in addition to the music industry. In a short period of time, he rose to fame and notoriety in the entertainment sector. Over $800,000 is paid to DJ Akademik annually. His five YouTube channels include The War in Iraq, The Negotiator (also known as DJ Akademiks), King Akademiks, LateNightCreepVids, and Crime Files. He’s made a good living as a DJ and podcaster.

DJ Akademiks Talks About Video Of Fight With His Girlfriend

When discussing hip-hop-related subjects, DJ Akademiks is renowned for being abrasive, but it appears that this same confrontational attitude has also crept into his personal life. Also, read about Rob Lowe

A video of what appears to be a physical argument between the hip-hop blogger and his girlfriend in Miami has gone viral. The video, which was released yesterday, October 13, showed the well-known critic and his girl engaged in what appeared to be a heated argument. The heated argument, according to accounts, took place during the production of an episode of The Fresh and Fit Podcast. While holding what appears to be his girlfriend’s Louis Vuitton purse, Akademiks is seen yelling in her face. Stop this nonsense, n***a! Respect the game! He may be heard yelling, “I’m the n***a!

When Akademiks’ girlfriend tries to approach a red-haired woman behind him, he pushes her against the wall and intensifies his diatribe by getting near to her. This causes the argument to worsen.

His unnamed girlfriend makes an attempt to defend herself and violently removes his hat from his head before tossing it away. Ak goes for his hat as is now customary for him before exclaiming, “I’m the prize!”

Still refusing to back down, his girlfriend strikes the red-haired woman hard. This starts another mini-fight, which Akademiks attempts to break up while yelling, “Stop it!”

Another lady joins the fight and tries to strike Akademiks’ girlfriend alongside the red-haired woman. Security finally steps in to help, and the women are all divided. The video went viral on social media, which prompted DJ Akademiks to provide his perspective in the TSR comments area. The podcaster claimed that when the women took photos with him at a party, his girlfriend became “aggressive” and “drunk” towards them.

DJ Akademiks Net Worth

DJ Akademiks Net Worth is estimated to be around $10 Million in 2022. Most of their net wealth comes from YouTube and other enterprises. The channel’s primary objective is to comment on rumors and news in the entertainment sector.

He routinely posts videos on YouTube regarding famous people’s daily life. Since its debut, his channel has had over 1.2 billion views and more than 2.6 million subscribers. A rough estimate of the daily revenue from YouTube adverts is 4,600.

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