DL Hughley Net Worth: How Rich is This Stand Up Comedian?

This page contains information about D. L. Hughley’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, weight, and other important facts. D. L. Hughley is an actor and stand-up comedian from the United States with a net worth of $11 million dollars. D. L. Hughley is a well-known American author. Hughley is an incredible comedian, actor, and voice artist. In the film Inspector Gadget, he made his voice acting debut. Hughley began his acting career in 1991.

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Hughley became well-known and successful as a result of his work on the show Double Rush. For him, it was a watershed moment. Hughley was born and raised in Los Angeles, and he is a happily married man. Hughley is also involved with a number of non-profit organizations, which has helped him gain notoriety. His image as a social worker is well-known. Also Joseline Hernandez’s net worth and Macy Gray’s net worth.

D. L. Hughley Biography

Darryl Lynn Hughley, better known by his stage name D. L. Hughley, is a well-known name in the United States. Hughley was born on March 6, 1963, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Hughley grew up in Los Angeles, California, where he lived with his parents and brothers. Hughley was the second of four children in a family of four.

In his early years, he moved about a lot, eventually settling in South Central, Los Angeles. Although, as a member of a street gang, his early days were not so pleasant or perfect. He was dismissed from his high school due to his involvement with a prominent gang.

However, he eventually left the gang life and went to work for the Los Angeles Times. Later, he began acting and stand-up comedy, which helped him become well-known. You might also be interested in Neil Patrick Harris’s net worth.

Dl Hughley Net Worth
Dl Hughley Net Worth

D. L. Hughley Early Life

Darryl Lynn Hughley was born on March 6, 1963, in the United States. Charles Hughley, his father, worked in aviation maintenance. He was the youngest of three brothers and sisters. Due to his connection with the Blood street gang, Darryl’s adolescent years were difficult. He was expelled from school due to his anti-social behavior.

After the assassination of his cousin, who belonged to a different gang, Darryl decided to choose a different path. After leaving the gang, he went to work for the Los Angeles Times as telemarketing. He ultimately started doing stand-up comedy in local bars. His comic method was unique, and it reflected his point of view.

D. L. Hughley Personal Life

Hughley has been married to LaDonna Hughley since 1986. The couple’s children are Ryan, Tyler, and Kyle. Kyle was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as a child, something Hughley has discussed extensively. Hughley admitted to having an extramarital affair earlier in his marriage during an appearance on Angela Yee’s podcast, Lipservice, in 2017.

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Without even realizing it, he had a child with his extramarital girlfriend. The baby was cruelly killed by his mother’s boyfriend at the early age of nine months. When Ladonna learned of the tragedy, he was very moved by it, and he began to financially assist his ex-lover. LaDonna carried out her plan without D.L.’s knowledge, and she kept it a secret for a while.

Hughley died in a Nashville nightclub in the year 2020. COVID-19 was later discovered to be positive in him. After he was asymptomatic, his children and members of his radio show staff tested positive for COVID. Hughley became an honorary member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity in 2020.

D.L. Hughley Net Worth

D.L. Hughley is an American writer, actor, and producer who was born on March 6, 1963, in Los Angeles, California. Hughley is the youngest of four siblings. His father worked as an aviation mechanic, while his mother was a stay-at-home mom. After being booted out of high school, he grew up in L.A.’s South Central and became a member of the Bloods gang.

However, after a cousin was shot, he changed his life. He left the gang and went to work for the Los Angeles Times as a telemarketer, where he rose through the ranks and met his future wife. She was the one who persuaded him to explore his comedic skills on stage. He was chosen by BET as the first host of “Comic View after years of club dates, and he received extra prominence with two extremely adult-oriented HBO specials.

D. L. Hughley Career and Awards

D. L. Hughley is a fantastic actor and stand-up comedian. He began his professional career in 1991. He went on to host a comedy show called ComicView. Hughley was a part of their team till 1993. Later on, he appeared in the show The Hughleys. Until that point, he had had some success.

Hughley has been a part of the show The Original Kings. Hughley rose to prominence as one of the big four comedians in The Original Kings. Hughley has been cast in CNN’s new comic show, D. L. Hughley Breaks the News. It was a huge success, and he worked on it from October 2008 to March 2009. Hughley has yet to receive any honors or distinctions.


Hughley, D. L., is a fantastic individual. In his career as a stand-up comedian and actor, he has risen to great heights. Working in film and television, as well as on the news and radio. His voice has reached millions of people, and he is adored and admired by everyone. He has volunteered for numerous non-profit organizations and has made significant financial contributions.

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