Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer: How Did his Nose Scar Happen?

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer: During the 23 years that Joseph Patrick Kenda worked as a lieutenant detective for the Colorado Springs Police Department, he was responsible for 387 investigations into manslaughter and was successful in concluding 356 of those investigations, for a success rate of 92 percent.

On the channel Investigation Discovery, he hosts a show titled “Manslaughter Hunter” in which he discusses the cases of murder and other violent crimes that he has investigated. In his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Kenda has not only accomplished outstanding feats, but he has also broken a show rating of 8.8 out of 10 on IMDb with the most popular crime show on Discovery Channel, achieving the organization’s highest viewer rating performance in the process.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

According to the information we have gathered on his sickness from our sources, we haven’t been able to locate any documents or media indicating that he has cancer. Additionally, the account of how he became a detective may be found on his own Wikipedia page, which also has other information about him. He talked a little bit about his family members and his life when he was younger. He also discussed his experiences.

In a Wikipedia article attributed to Joe Kenda under his username, Joe Kenda, the individual has provided the names William and Virginia as those of his parents. If you look at his Wikipedia page, you will get information on his other family members there.

Despite this, he has not provided any information on cancer. It is safe to presume that he has been cancer-free up until the year 2022. However, due to the fact that he did not make any information on this matter public, we are unable to be certain of it.

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Joe Kenda Biography

American ex-detective lieutenant Joe Kenda is famous for his work on 387 murder cases. Joe was a Pennsylvania native who grew up with a penchant for true crime tales. After finishing his degree in international affairs and political science, he joined his father’s trucking company. After that, in 1973, he became a member of the “Colorado Springs Police Department.” He had an astute understanding of human nature and the workings of the criminal mind.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer

As a result of his skills, he was rapidly elevated to the position of detective in the fictitious Central Suspects Police Department (‘CSPD’). He looked at 387 murders and was successful in solving 356 of them (92 percent). Sometime in the mid-1990s, while researching a case, he felt enraged at the accused and wanted to murder the man. He eventually decided to permanently leave the police department after this incident and the fears it inspired in his wife.

Soon after, he entered the workforce as a school bus driver. The show, dubbed “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda,” has had him on since 2011, and he has been informing viewers about the crimes he has investigated and solved in his time as a police officer.

What Happen To Joe Kenda?

After working as a detective for 23 years, Joe Kenda is said to have revealed that he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as stated in a recent piece published in pop culture news. He describes the beginning of his battle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, he said that the onset of his disease occurred after he had already retired from the police department and was working as a school bus driver.

When we talk about post-traumatic stress disorder, we are referring to a condition that is present in or develops in certain people after they have been exposed to an incident that was startling, terrifying, or hazardous. Following the triggering of PTSD, the person may have powerful and unsettling thoughts and sensations that are connected to prior traumatic and perhaps life-threatening experiences.

According to a post on, “playing a role in murder hunter has proven to be the most effective treatment Kenda has ever discovered for his PTSD.” In addition, according to, he is in a much better mood these days than he was in the past. According to this declaration from 2020, we can thus presume that he is doing far better than previously. The reason for this is that there is no information and no news on his health problems in 2022.

In the event that you are interested in learning about his health in the years to come. You are able to read the most recent story in the press on his health concerns.

How Did Joe Kenda’s Nose Scar Happen?

Fans are left to speculate on a variety of potential explanations for Joe Kenda’s nose scars because he and his wife have remained silent on the circumstances that led to the scarring on Joe’s nose. It would appear that no one has the courage to approach him about the scar on his nose directly in front of him.

Some people believe that Kenda’s nose scars were brought on by skin cancer, while others think they were caused by a blow to the face. It is true that being a murder investigator is a nightmare full of hazards, and it is possible that he was assaulted while he was doing investigations.

Viewers on Reddit and Facebook suggested two hypotheses on the origin of the scar: either it was caused by a dog bite when the individual was a child or it was caused by a drug dealer beating the individual with a ring while the individual was on a drugs raid.

A member of the audience once said that he attempted to conceal himself during a mission and ultimately decided to get a nose piercing so that the roleplay would be more accurate. Kenda’s surgery on his nose ended up being a disaster, and as a result, he was left with a crooked nose after the procedure.

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