Does Kakashi Die? How Many Times Has Kakashi Died?

Does Kakashi Die? How Many Times Has Kakashi Died? Kakashi Hatake, son of Sakumo Hatake and a member of the Hatake clan, is not a normal sensi. His unique demeanor, warrior-like strength, and legendary ninja skills have possibly made his character arc one of the best in the entire series. He evolved from an arrogant and ruthless young ninja into a kind and unselfish leader. His death consequently made a huge influence on the narrative.

Kakashi dies in episode 159 of Naruto: Shippden titled “Pain vs. Kakashi.” His passing occurs during Pain’s assault arc. But this death is only momentary. Naruto virtually begs Pain to bring him back to life using his “Samsara of Heavenly Life” technique.

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How Does Kakashi Die?

In episode 159, Kakashi dies while battling pain, the overpowering enemy. In both the anime and manga, he perishes after using all of his energy with Kamui Sharingan Jutsu. Kakashi exhausted his remaining chakra protecting Choji, ran out of energy, and died.

During the Pain arc, he suffers the awful fate of death. Kakashi fails and perishes as the Deva path appears in search of Naruto.

How Is Kakashi Alive In Boruto?

Kakashi, who died during the agony arch while fighting Nagata Pain in Naruto Shippuden, is still alive in Boruto. Upon receiving a nail to the head from Pain during their battle, Kakashi transports himself to another dimension. During the conflict, he loses his Sharingan as well as his left eye.

Naruto persuades Pain to resurrect Kakashi by promising to bring about peace. The pain, therefore, employs the entirety of his remaining strength to resurrect everyone killed in the Konoha conflict, including Kakashi. He applies the technique of Samsara: Heavenly Life to restore everyone!

In Which Episode Is Kakashi Revived?

In episode 175 of Naruto: Shippuden, Pain’s renowned technique Samsara of Heavenly Life revives Kakashi. During Chapter 449 of the manga, this occurs. When Pain revives Kakashi with the Rinne rebirth technique, the Kakashi we see is reanimated.

Samsara of Heavenly Life is a Rinne rebirth technique that can be used to resurrect the deceased. Through this method, the spirit of the deceased is summoned from the hereafter and reattached to their body.

In Which Episode Is Kakashi Revived
In Which Episode Is Kakashi Revived

How Many Times Has Kakashi Died?

At this point, Kakashi has only ever died once and been brought back to life once. In the thirteenth episode of Boruto, titled “The Demon Beast Appears!,” Kakashi makes his return to the series by entering the office of the Hokage. Even though he was supposed to be at the hot springs, he goes ahead and discusses the ongoing investigation concerning the strange attacks that have been happening.

The role that Kakashi plays in the Boruto era is not nearly as significant as the one he played in the Naruto era. Because of this, he makes an appearance in the tale at various points.

Kakashi’s Death Scene Explained

During the fight with Pain, who has invaded Konoha in quest of Naruto, Kakashi finds himself in the midst of the action, and it turns out to be the most difficult fight of his whole career.

In the midst of the intense battle, Pain manages to sidetrack Kakashi enough that he can use the Shinra Tensei power of the Deva Path to set off an explosion. Kakashi continues by attempting to cut through the route with his Lightning blade, but the Asura Path is able to deflect his strike.

Following this, Pain employs the Bansho Ten’in method in order to draw Kakashi closer to the blade of the route. The Asura Path throws a nail at Kakashi just as he is ready to launch his assault, and it hits him in the head. The nail ultimately caused his chakra to become corrupt. As a direct result of this, Kakashi’s energy runs out, and he is unable to keep his life going.

Here is a short movie that explains what took place during the fight sequence, so you can see it in action:

This was one of the most heartbreaking aspects of Naruto’s final moments. Due to the fact that Kakashi had lost his chakra, his life could no longer be maintained. But Naruto is able to bring him and the others back to life.

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