Does Paris Berelc Have Cancer: Is Paris Berelc Done With Netflix?

One of the most successful young American actors working now is Paris Berelc. She excels in gymnastics, has incredible dance moves, is a stunning model, and is, of course, a talented actor. In the 2015 TV movie “Invisible Sister,” Paris portrayed the character of Molly. In subsequent Disney XD shows like Mighty Med and Lab Rats: Elite Force, she played the role of Skylar Storm. Alexa & Katie, a Netflix original, featured her in 2018.

Does Paris Berelc Have Cancer?

Two best friends, Alexa and Katie, start their first year of high school in the Netflix original series. The plot seems generic at first glance, but Alexa’s cancer diagnosis is what really sets this show apart.

The young actress had already appeared in a number of roles before getting the lead role in Alexa & Katie. Some viewers may recognize her from her roles on the Disney Channel’s Mighty Med and Lab Rats: Elite Force. And since she was just nine years old, she’s been a model, too.

The producers of Alexa & Katie had a very specific type of actress in mind when they set out to cast the show’s lead character, and Paris Berelc was the first actress they hired.

The star says that she is having a great time filming the show and that despite the show’s focus on cancer, she does not consider it a sad series. The actress stated, “In an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us:

“And if you do weep, which you might, it will be happy tears, because you’ll be thinking things like, “Oh my God, I wish I had a best friend like her.” None of us are saying, “Oh my God, that’s so sad.” We can rule out that possibility.”

Vicki Gunvalson, star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, is just one celebrity who has battled cancer. Berelc conducted her own research to ensure she was well-prepared for the job. She engaged in extensive conversations with former cancer sufferers.

She spoke with a girl with cancer about how, despite her illness, she wanted to pursue typical adolescent interests. As part of her research, Paris asked participants how they felt after receiving the diagnosis, what they wanted to consume during chemotherapy, and how they moved on with their lives.

Is Paris Berelc Done With Netflix?

Is Paris Berelc Done With Netflix


Berelc has decided to prolong her collaboration with the streamer, which is likely to please her many fans. That actress will actually be featured in the forthcoming Strangers film on Netflix. Berelc isn’t the only Netflix regular in this dark comedy; Austin Abrams (Dash & Lily), Alisha Joe (13 Reasons Why), Jonathan Daviss (Outer Banks), and Rish Shah (To All the Boys) also make appearances. Camila Mendes, Sophie Turner, and Maya Hawke play the lead female roles.

In Strangers, Hawke, and Mendes play two young women who form an alliance to confront their respective bullies. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who also collaborated on the script for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, is the film’s director.

Berelc will also be appearing in the next BuzzFeed comedy 1UP in addition to her new Netflix project. When Elliott Page left the project, Ruby Rose stepped in to take over. Berelc portrays a young college student in 1UP who leaves an esports team because she is tired of playing against men. And with the aid of her mentor and best friend (Rose), she puts together an all-female gaming team.

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In an interview with Schön!, Berelc praised the film, saying, “It’s very humorous, and it’s a great movie about women getting the job done.” I couldn’t be happier with my cast. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a film about attractive female gamers?

Additionally, Berelc had previously discussed the idea of making an Alexa & Katie film. The actress had previously told ET in 2020, “I am secretly hoping that we do one more thing together.” I’d like to make just one more film and then call it quits for good. We are a big family, and it was difficult for me to go. However, it appears that Netflix has no plans to produce an Alexa & Katie movie at this time.

After Netflix Canceled Paris Berelc’s Shows, What Became Of Her?

During her time on Netflix, Paris Berelc was undoubtedly a star on the rise. The Wisconsin native was a main player in the comedy-drama Alexa & Katie just a few short years ago. It aired for four seasons before being canceled; during that time, it was nominated for an Emmy. Berelc’s co-lead, Isabel May, for example, has now branched out into other series and films, while the rest of the ensemble has largely moved on to new projects.

Berelc, on the other hand, has elected to stay at Netflix, and she has joined the cast of Kevin James’s comedy The Crew. But alas, the sitcom was canceled after only 10 episodes. Berelc hasn’t updated his followers much since then. Furthermore, many are curious as to whether or not the actress plans to continue using the streamer.

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