Doja And Noah Feud: Are They Embarrassed?

Doja And Noah Feud: Are They Embarrassed? When Noah Schnapp revealed that Doja Cat had sought to be put in touch with Stranger Things season 4 breakout star Joseph Quinn, the singer took offense. “Degrading,” “exploitative,” and “extremely embarrassing” are among the words Doja Cat has used to describe Schnapp’s behavior in the deleted TikTok video.

This is what happened. Noah, can you tell Joseph to hmu [contact me]?” Doja asks in the mail. no, he doesn’t. Is that his girlfriend?” Playfully, Schnapp urges her to “slide into his DMs,” then he shares a direct link to Quinn’s Instagram page.

On July 7, Doja went live on TikTok to rant about “the whole fuckin’ Noah Schnapp situation,” which was clearly bothering him.

She began by saying, “First of all, let’s be cool about it.” “It’s fair to say that this is a child.” Like, I don’t even know how old Noah is, but he’s definitely not older than 21.”

Schnapp, who is now 17 years old, is the show’s youngest alumnus.

In his own words, “You make mistakes when you’re that young,” Doja admitted. The things you say and do are just plain stupid. I’m trying to be as fair as possible. You ruin people’s lives when you say stupid things. In the end, you’re human. Things like that are supposed to be done in order to teach you what not to do in the future. “I made my share of mistakes in order to avoid making the same mistakes again.”

‘The fact that Noah did this,’ the singer went on to say. Like, posting a private chat between me and him is so socially inept and off-the-wall./ The smell of that is like weasel or snake dung.

But, Doja continued, “I am not saying that sums up his entire personality.” “Perhaps he’s a complete snake. Nevertheless, I didn’t view him that way. Assuming he’d be cool about it, I let him get away with disclosing stuff that I didn’t want him to.”

So, What Were The Reactions Of The Audience To The Play?

Given Schnapp’s age and Doja’s history of open flirtation on the internet, many were surprised by the Grammy winner’s angry response. She had previously tweeted about her feelings for Quinn. A screenshot of Doja calling Quinn’s good looks “fucking criminal” was posted on Schnapp’s TikTok, which has since been deleted.

Doja stated during her Livestream that “it’s not the end of the fucking world.” during her. “Like, I engage in a virtual flirtation with strangers. On the internet, I seem to be infatuated with everyone. As far as I’m concerned, “It’s OK.”

I didn’t warn him not to post it since you don’t expect people to do that,” she said, concluding. Because doing so is out of character for you. It’s not cool, and it’s not normal. Yeah, I’m a little down and a little dissatisfied right now. I don’t think it goes that far. In the end, “it’s just a letdown.”

In spite of this, relatively few people are siding with Doja in this case. Doja’s decision to message Schnapp in the first place has drawn a lot of criticism on Twitter.

Others, on the other hand, are more critical of her Livestreaming.

So, What Were The Reactions Of The Audience To The Play
So, What Were The Reactions Of The Audience To The Play

Doja Cat Seemed To Have Reacted In Some Way To The Negative Feedback She Received

As Doja put it on July 8: “Y’all are so terrible and lame and nobody wants to hang out with u that’s why y’all be on here unironically making answers to shit that makes you furious.” It’s evident that Doja doesn’t agree with many of the criticisms of her debate with Schnapp that have appeared online.

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