Donna And Alex Break Up: Is This Reality?

Donna And Alex Break Up: Is This Reality? Donna Lombardi and Alex the Vagina Slayer have reportedly broken up just a few weeks before the 10th season of Black Ink Crew premieres. Donna Lombardi and Alex the Vagina Slayer, stars of ‘Black Ink Crew,’ appear to be splitting up before the conclusion of season 10.
When Alex “the Vagina Slayer” Robinson began working at Black Ink in 2017, Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pinckney, 28, met him.

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For the past decade, the couple has been inseparable after they were caught having sex in a club toilet stall. But Reality Entertainment stated that the couple had split up in January of 2022.

Instagram users noticed a slew of posts from the two that appeared to confirm the reports that they had broken up.

The social media-savvy duo has also started making solo appearances in their often updated posts. However, a copy of Donna’s account can be found on a backup page even if her account has been erased. The rumors have not been confirmed or disputed by either party.

Since The Beginning Of 2019, They Have Been Dating

In the wake of their 2017 hookup, the pair moved in together as tattoo artists at Black Ink Crew and began their relationship.

Even though David “Ceaser” Emanuel kicked the two out of his shop for a second time, they nonetheless attended Young Bae’s rehearsal dinner.

When Ceaser and his cousin, Shariff “Teddy Ruks” Homer, jumped Alex, causing him to injure his back, the situation swiftly escalated. It was difficult for him and Donna to get along at first since he was blaming her for the fight.

A year later, on the group’s trip to Hawaii to celebrate Walt Miller’s marriage, the New Yorker proposed. The 28-year-old admitted to Madame Noire in an April 2021 interview that their engagement had been put on hold because of a difficult year in 2020. Claws-N-Ink, their own nail and tattoo parlor, was still on their to-do list.

Alex had previously accused Donna of domestic violence but then recanted the charge.

Since The Beginning Of 2019, They Have Been Dating
Since The Beginning Of 2019, They Have Been Dating

Donna didn’t work at Black Ink while Alex did because she wanted to take a break from tattooing. As a result, she joined him and the rest of the team in Atlanta. In the wake of yet another heated exchange with the business owner, Alex FaceTimed the team to inform them that his coronavirus test had come back positive.

His confession to wanting some distance from Donna came in the finale when she scratched his face during an argument. According to her, she had no nails long enough to harm him, denying his claims. When a producer finally broke the fourth wall to voice her concerns about the relationship, the couple walked away together.

On Instagram Live a few weeks after the June 2021 incident, the pair discussed it. Instead of offering them therapy, the show, according to Donna, “exploited a situation” rather than addressing their issues.

She also said that her “dominant personality” led others to believe that she abuses Alex. Afterward, he appeared on the air and said that he had “falsely accused” her. In January 2022, it was announced that the couple had broken up after seven months of dating. Season 10 of Black Ink Crew premieres on VH1 on February 21, 2022.

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