Drake Joins Backstreet Boys Concert In Toronto.

Drake Joins Backstreet Boys Concert In Toronto. OMG, they’ve made a comeback, and this time they have a brand new member! The Backstreet Boys invited Drake to join them for a special performance at their concert in Toronto, which took place in Canada.

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Fans were taken aback during the middle of BSB’s concert on Saturday, July 2, when the band performed a cover of Drake’s song “Hold On, We’re Going Home” before the “Hotline Bling” rapper, who is 35 years old, joined them on stage. The band is comprised of AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, and Howie Dorough.

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According to footage shared on social media platforms, the native of Canada addressed the audience and requested that they “make some noise” in the city of Toronto and sing the song as loudly as they possibly could. “[‘I Want It That Way’] is without a doubt one of the most iconic tunes in the annals of popular music. I’ll be there, performing on stage. I’ll do my best to sing along with you as well.

Celebrity Followers Of Boy Bands

On Saturday, the band shared the complete performance video of their cover of the track that was released in 1999 via Twitter with the caption, “What’s better than ‘I Want It That Way?'” In the video, Drake is shown hitting some impressively high notes in the song, and then BSB makes a show of bowing down to him. At the conclusion of the number, all of the male participants ended up hugging one another.

Drake joked and captioned some footage from his concert cameo that he posted on Instagram with the following caption: “When she says she’s over males in this generation and asks why I live alone.”

The boy band, whose members are presently performing on their “DNA World Tour,” was established in 1993. They quickly rose to the top of the charts with singles like “Everybody,” “Larger Than Life,” and “I Want It That Way.”

Despite the fact that the band members eventually went their separate ways in 2008, they have now gotten back together to put out new music, go on tour, and participate in a short residency in Las Vegas.

Celebrity Followers Of Boy Bands
Celebrity Followers Of Boy Bands

McLean, now 44 years old, shared an exclusive interview with Us Weekly in April 2020 and said, “It seems strange to me since it’s so close to 30 [years].” “Obviously, we’ve been discussing returning to Las Vegas at some point in the future, and now it’s sort of comical because a couple of us were like, what if we wait until our 30th? The way things are going, it looks like the timing might end up being just about right.

’90s Pop Stars: Then and Now The former contestant on Dancing With the Stars provided additional insight into the band’s long-lasting friendship.

“I’m not trying to pick on my other bandmates, but Howie and I have always — every holiday, we used to always exchange gifts. I’m not trying to say anything negative about them. He shared this information with Us at the time, telling us, “Now, we’re calling each other to wish our kids a happy birthday.” “Neither one of my daughters’ birthdays has ever gone by without Brian showing up. The three of them, him, his wife, and their kid Bailey, sang in three-part harmony! Every year, without fail, they carry out the same routine.

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