Dua Lipa Zatanna: Is She Member Of Justice League?

Dua Lipa Zatanna: Is She Member Of Justice League? A new poster depicts pop star Dua Lipa as Zatanna Zatara, the live-action version of the character from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), amid reports that she is in talks to join the DCEU.

A new piece of fan art depicts Dua Lipa in the role of Zatanna from the live-action movie. Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of Giovanni “John” Zatara, who served as an instructor to Batman in the art of escape and was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson for issue #4 of Hawkman in 1964.

Zatanna is a magician both on stage and in real life, and her ability to cast multiple strong spells by saying incantations backward has earned her the title of DC’s Sorceress Supreme. Zatanna is a magician both on stage and in real life. The first few story arcs in the comics focus on Zatanna’s search for her biological father and additional information about Sindella’s life before Zatanna was born.

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Zatanna is also interested in learning more about Sindella’s history. As soon as she has completely mastered her superhero character, Zatanna becomes a member of the Justice League and takes part in battles with some of the most famous DC heroes.

Although Zatanna has made an appearance in a variety of animated episodes, the only live-action show in which she can be considered to have made a credible appearance in Smallville, in which Serinda Swan performed the part. There were rumors at one point that Zatanna would make an appearance in James Gunn’s film The Suicide Squad; however, the filmmaker put a stop to the rumors.

WB made the announcement that they were working on a live-action Zatanna movie the year prior and that Promising Young Woman director Emerald Fennell would be writing the screenplay for the film. However, there has not been any new information regarding the movie since it was released.

Zatanna Zatara
Zatanna Zatara

Recently, it has been common knowledge that Dua Lipa and DC are negotiating the production of a new movie together. Even though there is no information available to indicate how much truth there is to that rumor, devoted fans of the franchise are speculating that she could be playing Zatanna in the new film. Fans are still speculating about the outcomes despite the fact that Warner Bros. and DC have not yet responded to the reports with a statement.

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