Ebay Credit Card Login: Know All The Information!

Ebay Credit Card Login: Know All The Information! Having an eBay credit card can be beneficial to you in many ways, regardless of whether you are a fan of eBay or not. There are many different reasons for this. eBay is widely regarded as one of the best sites for conducting online shopping, and the eBay Mastercard, in and of itself, comes loaded with a number of features and benefits that may be appealing enough to warrant consideration.

If you are the owner of an eBay Mastercard, you might find it helpful to learn more about how to pay the monthly amount. You will gain additional knowledge about the eBay Mastercard login, your eBay Mastercard account, how to contact customer service, the registration page, and how to receive assistance from the card’s issuer, Synchrony Bank, by reading the following article.

Mastercard’s eBay Credit Card Rewards Program Has Various Advantages

  • For every dollar spent on dining out or fuel, you’ll earn three points. If you like to travel and eat at restaurants frequently, this is a great perk.
  • The eBay Mastercard gives you two points for every dollar you spend on eBay. This tool is useful whether you’re making a small purchase or a large one on eBay.
  • You’ll get one point for every dollar you use outside of this store. If you use your eBay credit card anywhere else, you’ll still earn eBay Bucks.
  • The option to use your points for airfare, lodging, and even vehicle rentals.
  • You may be eligible for interest-free financing during promotional periods offered on your eBay credit card.
  • There is no yearly charge.
  • Rapid processing time with online status updates.

Online Account Access

You need a credit card account with eBay in order to use and manage your card. With this account, you may sign up for paperless billing, view your FICO score, and make bill payments online.

Access Your eBay Account Using Your Mastercard
Please go here to sign in to your eBay Mastercard account. Register, apply for, and access your eBay Mastercard account with the same convenient login.

After marking the box to “save user ID,” input your ID and click “Secure Login.”

Register Online

Ebay Credit Card Login: If you wish to manage your eBay Mastercard account online, you’ll need to sign up for an account. It’s easy to do so by visiting the eBay Mastercard login page we’ve linked to above and entering your account number and zip code.

The login page also doubles as the registration page, so once you’ve done that, just hit “continue” and follow the rest of the on-screen instructions to sign up.

Forgot Your Password?

In case you’ve lost your password to your eBay Mastercard account, you can reset it with the login page. If you’ve forgotten your password, it will tell you “I forgot my User ID or Password,” and then you can click “Password” to get a new one.

After doing so, enter your User ID and postal code and click “Continue.” The next step of the login process is for you to choose a new password.

Forgot User ID

You can retrieve your lost user ID by selecting “User ID” from the menu that appears after you select “I forgot my User ID or Password.” The eBay credit card number (or account number) and billing address (or shipping address) are required fields.

If you need help but don’t have your eBay account number handy, you can open a chat with Sidney, the virtual assistant, by choosing the chat button above the “Enter Account Number” box.

eBay Rewards Credit Card Services

When you cash in your points, you’ll be eligible for special pricing on future purchases and other enticements. Synchrony Bank is the card issuer for the eBay Mastercard.

The eBay Extras Mastercard offers “3X points every $1 spent on gas and restaurant purchases, 2X points per $1 spent on eBay & PayPal purchases, and 1X points per $1 on all other Mastercard purchases,” among other enticing rewards.

Applicants are advised that the eBay Extras Mastercard is currently closed to new applications. But the eBay Mastercard is still available for applications at ebay.com/creditcard.

eBay will mail you a card if you are approved; you should expect it within 7-10 business days. However, you can’t make purchases or get incentives until you activate your eBay Mastercard.

eBay Rewards Credit Card Services
eBay Rewards Credit Card Services

eBay Card Bill Pay Phone Number

If you want to make a payment on your eBay credit card over the phone, you can do so by phoning 1-844-435-0237. When prompted, enter your account number and continue with the prompts.

eBay Credit Card Payment Address

To pay your eBay credit card per post, you can send your check to:

eBay Mastercard

P.O. Box 960080

Orlando, FL 32896

Customer Service Hours

Live chat with eBay customer care is available Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST if you have any questions or concerns about your eBay credit card.

Synchrony Bank Credit Card Payment Instructions for eBay
You can pay your eBay bill in a number of different ways. See the options below, then pick the one that best suits your needs.


If you want to pay with your eBay card online, you can do so using the official payment portal, which is hosted by Synchrony Bank and linked above.

“You can choose to make a single payment or to set up automatic, recurring payments,” the site says.

By Phone

You can pay by phone by using the toll-free number (1-844) 435-0237 that is printed on the back of your card or by clicking here.

By Mail

Money orders should be sent to the billing address listed on your monthly account.

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