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El Final Del Paraíso Season 2: Is It Not Confirmed Yet?

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2: Is It Not Confirmed Yet? Yesmer Uribe and Gerardo Perez are the minds behind the crime drama El final del Paraiso. In fact, the series is an adaptation of a novel and a spin-off of the Paraiso series. It has a large following, even though it has only garnered a 5.4 IMDb rating from critics. Additionally, the first season of the show was praised by the critics, however, the final episodes of the first season garnered some critical feedback. In terms of revenue, the show was unquestionably a success for its creators.

Catalina Santana, Colombia’s new DEA director, is the focus of the drama, which follows her efforts to safeguard the country from dangerous drugs and the obstacles that her archrival yesica Beltran throws in her path. Catalina’s family plays an important role throughout the show, and she must ultimately defend them. After the first season of the program came to a close, the public was swamped with queries about the show’s second season on the Internet. Due to the show’s cliffhanger finale, we can safely assume that a season 2 will be released in the not-too-distant future.

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2 Plot/Story

Catalina had previously been declared an enemy by Valeria in season 1 of the show, and we also see the ending moment where Mariana asks Catalina, her mother, to take care of her baby, for which Catalina asks her to surrender and both are at sniping point. Season 2 of the show is expected to pick up right where season 1 left off, with the death of one of the characters, most likely Mariana. Alberiro’s illusion about the truth will play a significant role, as well.

The Season 1 Finale Of El Final Del Paraiso(Recap)

There is a lot of backstory in the first season, beginning with Catalina’s animosity toward yesica Beltran, the new director of the DEA of Columbia. Catalina’s three daughters, Mariana, el titi, and Dayana, have formed an alliance with Catalina’s arch-nemesis to aid her in her nefarious plans. Mano Negra helps yesica get into the DEA offices with the help of Catalina, who convinces Catalina to work with her under a new name. After 30 years of animosity, Catalina still doesn’t know what disasters are headed her way because of it.

As the game progresses, we learn of the mounting threat of a new narcotic, which a new group of criminals intends to flood Colombia with. Catalina is forced to deal with this threat while also trying to preserve the country. Catalina’s narrative twists and activities will continue to wreak havoc on the DEA organizations as a result of this. The first season of the show had a lot of family drama, and the finale is no exception.

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2 Cast

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2 Cast

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2 Release Date

There are 84 episodes in season one, which began running on August 13th and wrapped up on December 9th, 2019. There has been a long pause since then. There has been no formal confirmation of the show’s renewal for season 2 and, based on current sources, we estimate that season 2 will premiere in the middle or end of 2022, but it could take longer owing to the present pandemic conditions..

Season 2 of the show is projected to be just as long as the first, with each episode clocking in at close to 45 minutes in length. The show originally aired on Telemundo with 82 episodes, however, Netflix has published it with 90 episodes and a different finale from the original show.

El Final Del Paraiso Season 1 Release Date 13 August 2019
El Final Del Paraiso Season 1 End Date 9 December 2019
El Final Del Paraiso Season 2 Release Date Not Confirmed

El Final Del Paraíso Season 2 Trailer

We have not yet had any assurance that the show will be continued for a second season, and as a result, we have not yet obtained a trailer for the second season of the show. The first season of the show is currently accessible on Netflix, and a teaser for it can be found on YouTube.


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